This free printable gratitude journal is full of journal prompts so you can create your own DIY gratitude journal. Gratitude journals are a fun way to remind us of all the nice things in life that sometimes may go unnoticed. We made this gratitude journal with older kids and adults in mind, but kids of all ages can use the printable pages at home, church or classroom.

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Use the journal prompts in this gratitude journal printable.

Printable Gratitude Journal

To help you practice gratitude, we made a set of 3 printable gratitude prompts for adults. Just download & print our pdf file, and get ready to find inner positivity!

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Gratitude is a feeling that both kids and adults can practice every day, everywhere. It’s all about taking a few minutes every morning or night and make sure you are aware of all the blessings in your life.

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This printable gratitude activity transforms into a multi-page fold-over gratitude journal/prompts. You can print the gratitude journal as many times as you like, fold them in half, staple them or use a ring binder, and just enjoy writing in your own gratitude journal.

Journal Prompts Set Includes

Page #1 printed pdf of Gratitude Journal for Adults Screenshot
Grab your markers and coloring pencils to color the cover of our gratitude journal.

Page #1 – Printable Gratitude Journal Cover

Our first printable journal page is the cover of our gratitude journal. You can color, paint or decorate it however you want it to make it yours.

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These gratitude prompts are a great way to finish a long day.

Page #2 – Printable Daily Gratitude Prompts

The second page includes 50 gratitude prompts divided into two pages. You can fill it out in a single day or write down one thing you feel positive about every day for 50 days.

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Page #3 - pdf of printable Gratitude Journal for Adults Screenshot 3
Print these pages many times to create your own gratitude journal.

Page #3 – Printable Gratitude Prompts

Our third printable page includes four different writing prompts to encourage a sense of gratitude. You can print it many times so you can fill it out every day. On this page, you will fill out positive prompts, like what you’re looking forward to or what you felt grateful for today.

Gratitude journal pdf pages on desk - Kids Activities Blog
Download and print these gratitude journal printable pages!

Download & Print Free Gratitude Journal Prompts For Adults pdf Here

This printable gratitude journal is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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