Helping Kids Express Gratitude {with Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages}

Using crafts as a hands-on activity is a great way to connect with your kids and to teach them to be grateful.

The horn of plenty is also a fun way to let your kids realize just how much they really have. They can sit back and visually look at the financial, material and spiritual blessings that have come into their lives.

Helping Kids Express Gratitude - Kids Activities Blog

Gratitude Coloring Pages

We tend to forget in the holiday season to be grateful. We get focused on family, food, presents, all the fun things to do, that we tend to forget to stop and take a minute to think about all the things we have to be grateful about.

Be Grateful

It is so important to teach kids how to be grateful so they can understand how good they have it. This will teach empathy, teach them to be humble, and maybe create a kind heart that wants to give.

Horn of Plenty Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Here is a simple Thanksgiving coloring page that can be used for your horn of plenty crafts. With these Thanksgiving coloring pages you will get:

  • 1 page with a cornucopia on it
  • 1 page with various fruits and vegetables including: apple, pear, beet, corn, squash, pumpkin carrot, tomato, and peas.

Horn of Plenty Printable and Coloring Pages for Kids

Click to download and print:

Ideas To Make This Be Grateful Activity Special

Here are some simple ways to create your own horn of plenty. Feel free to add any creative flairs to give it your family’s touch of whimsy.

Sketch out a cornucopia onto construction paper {or use printable below}. Draw some carrots, corn, pumpkins and other foods to place inside the cornucopia. Cut them out and label with blessings from your child’s life.

Grab some sugar, ice cream cones. Fill them up with some of your favorite small snacks like goldfish or M and M’s. As you place the snacks inside the cone, have your child name a blessing for each piece you use. This would be less-hands on and a more auditory experience.

Another option is to take a paper plate and let your kids decorate it. Then, roll the plate until it is cone-shaped. Secure with tape and fill with your favorite paper veggies and fruits.

Teaching Kids To Be Grateful

Teaching kids to be grateful is important
We have a lot to be grateful for and many times we forget.

Sometimes kids need a little boost of inspiration in the department of thankfulness. Here are some suggestions to get your munchkins started on the journey to a thankful heart so that they will always be grateful in life.

New Clothes And Shoes

Sometimes kids may forget that those cool tennis shoes they are sporting cost a good chunk of money. Remind them how blessed they are to have comfy shoes that help them run faster, play harder and keep their feet warm in the chilly weather. Point out their new coats, sweaters or jeans. Some kids are not so fortunate to have comfortable and durable clothing.

Good Health

Has your child had any severe illnesses this year? If not, he can be thankful that he has enjoyed good health to perform well at school, at home and at play. Remind your children that some kids may be dealing with cancer, broken arms or legs, diseases or other ailments. Just to be able to run and enjoy the great outdoors is a blessing in itself!

Money For Extras

Remind your kids about that candy bar you bought them at the store on the weekly grocery shopping trip. Don’t let them forget the two milkshakes they enjoyed this week. How about the new movies you purchased? Those are extras, and not needs.

Loving Parents

Too many kids live in a home where parents take little time to connect with your kids. If you are reading this post, you obviously care about that parent/child connection. Encourage your child to be thankful for a loving relationship with his parents. This relationship will help him triumph over many trials in life and even help him through childhood obstacles.

Genuine Friends

A true friend is a true treasure. If your child has a friend they can share interests with and enjoy great fellowship, he has indeed found a hidden gem. Friends are great listeners as well as encouragers. Remind your child to be thankful for his friends and also to be careful to be the kind of friend he desires to have himself.


Many countries around the world have very little or no freedom. Americans and Canadians enjoy many freedoms that other people groups do not. In America, you have the freedom to worship in any church you desire as well as the freedom to publically speak about your own thoughts and desires. In many countries, you are imprisoned for speaking anything negative about the political leaders or system. You are also forced to follow the national religion’s beliefs and practices. Just having the liberty to choose and decide for yourself in those areas is a liberty no one should take for granted.

Clean Drinking Water

Water is essential for life. What if you could not locate some clean, pure water? Out of complete thirst you would drink less than clean water and then reap the side-effects of poor health and sickness from it. Most kids in America enjoy clean drinking water, whether it is straight from the tap or comes in a bottle!

New Home Or Car

Did your family recently purchase a new home or car? Even if it was used or lived in, it was new to you! Fresh starts are always exciting for families. Take a few moments to discuss why you enjoy your new investment and how it has enriched your family’s life.

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