Costco Is Selling Neon and Tie Dye Squishmallows Just In Time For Summer

Squishmallows. The cute and squishy pillows you can sleep, play and cuddle with that everyone wants to collect right now.


If you or your kids love squishmallows then you need to run, not walk to Costco.

Costco is currently selling new neon and tie dye squishmallows just in time for summer and they are adorable!


Costco seems to have several different squishmallows including a neon pink unicorn pig? A tie dye shark, a neon tie dye butterfly, and even adorable neon fruit looking squishmallows.


Each one is priced at $19.99 and if you are lucky, your Costco likely still has some right now.


In addition, Costco is carrying an exclusive Hello Kitty line of squishmallows too and those are just as cute!


So, hurry and head into your local Costco before these adorable squishmallows are gone! Everyone seems to be obsessed so they truly don’t last long!

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