DIY Dreamcatcher-Inspired Wall Hanging Kids Can Make

We’ve all seen dreamcatchers being sold in stores, and DIY versions on Pinterest, but do you know the history behind traditional ones?

What is a dreamcatcher?

Native American dreamcatchers trace back to the Ojibwe people and were said to protect children from bad dreams. Traditionally they are made using a willow hoop that contains a ‘spider web’ (that traps bad dreams). The circle hoop represents the sun, and when it rises the bad dreams are supposed to leave. The hole in the center of the web guides good dreams down the feathers to the child.

Teach children about the history of dreamcatchers and the Ojibwe tribe. This is a wonderful learning experience and will help them understand where dreamcatchers originated from. You can find plenty of information online. There are many books you can purchase from book stores or borrow from your local library too.

Make a wall hanging inspired by dreamcatchers

A handmade wall hanging using sticks and scrap materials.

We are not making a traditional dreamcatcher, instead, we are making a wall hanging inspired by them. Kids will love this craft and the end result is something beautiful to hang on their wall. We combined ribbons, lace, fabric scraps, yarn, and twine to make ours.


Our dreamcatcher-inspired wall hanging doesn’t use traditional materials instead we’ve used scraps from our craft supplies and sticks from the garden.

  • 3 sticks (of even size)
  • Scrap fabric, ribbon, lace, yarn, and twine.
  • Scissors
ribbon, sticks, and fabric to make a wall hanging


On a flat surface, place the sticks into the shape of a triangle. Tie the overlapping corners together using scraps of fabric, ribbon, yarn, or twine. We used one-inch strips of fabric to tie around ours.

Sticks in a triangle shape tied together with strips of fabric.
Strips of green fabric tied around two sticks.

Create a ‘web’ in the center of the triangle using twine. Wind it around the sticks from side to side leaving a hole in the center.

A web being created with twine between two sticks.

If you are using fabric on your wall hanging, cut it into strips approximately 1 inch wide. Cut all of your ribbons and scraps the same length or leave them assorted lengths. Ours were different lengths because we used what we had on hand.

Fold the scraps in half, making a loop at the fold and place them in the order you want to tie them. This gives you a chance to move things around and see if you need to cut more before tying them on.

Ribbon, yarn, and scrap fabric being tied onto sticks.
Ribbon being tied onto a stick using a loop method.

Lastly, add a loop of twine to the top for hanging on your wall.

A wall hanging made out of ribbon and yarn.

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