Let’s have some coloring fun with these trippy coloring pages for adults! This trippy coloring pages set includes two free coloring page pdf files you can download now. While we created this trippy coloring page set with adults in mind, kids will love them too.

trippy coloring pages - printed trippy coloring page pdf shown on a colorful background with coloring and art supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Download and print our trippy coloring pages!

Printable trippy coloring pages Full of Fun

Trippy coloring pages are so much fun – wonky lines, curves, geometric shapes, psychedelic drawings. They’ll help you get your creative side out, that’s for sure! Click the green button to download these trippy coloring pages now:

Trippy Landscape Coloring Page For Adults

trippy landscape coloring page - printed pdf version in black and white geometric drawings
Free trippy coloring page for adults!

Our first trippy coloring page is a landscape with different repetitive patterns, such as dots, waves, and lines. So cool!

Dreamcatcher Coloring Page

dreamcatcher coloring page - printed pdf version in black and white
This dreamcatcher coloring page is so much fun to color.

Our second trippy coloring page for adults is an intricate dreamcatcher. This is one of my favorite coloring pages for adults because of the hypnotizing patterns.

Download Free Trippy Coloring Pages PDF FIle here

trippy coloring pages for adults printed pdf version on white background with colored pencils
These trippy coloring pages for adults are completely free and ready to be downloaded!

Color These Trippy Coloring Pages For Adults Any Way You Want

Why by another adult coloring book when you can get these free coloring pages that are a done of fun! Use bright neon colors and bam, you have psychedelic coloring pages. Or you can use whatever colors you want. I personally used bright colors for mine, it just felt right.

The sun one is my favorite coloring page. There is just something so fun about the abstract patterns that does give it a psychedelic drawing feel. This is seriously the best stress relief. It’s a great way to relax and kind of do something creative and silly with adult coloring sheets.

Inspire that sense of imagination!

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How did your trippy coloring pages for adults turn out?

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