Learning the water cycle can be a fun activity with all the options that we have rounded up for you today.

These activities are perfect for second graders in a science class or after-school activity.

Image shows various water cycle models on a blue background.
So many different activities to choose from!

Favorite Water Cycle Activities for Kids

Second graders will have fun learning the stages of the water cycle by singing songs, playing with legos, and empty soda bottles. Adults will need to stay close by for some fun kitchen experiments, so get ready to have unending fun learning about the water cycle.

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Those kids will never forget the water cycle with a song like this!

1. Water Cycle Song

Alicia Abril Blanco shares a song that students in 2nd grade will have fun singing the stages of the water cycle.

Image shows a girl labeling the water cycle from Crafts n Things.
How cute are these pictures?

2. Simple Experiment to Learn About Clouds

Our Crafts n Things shares a fun experiment on how to use a plastic bottle, water, and ice cubes to understand condensation.

Image shows a cloud with written science terms from Cara Carroll
Young ones will enjoy learning about clouds.

3. Water Cycle Bracelets

For a fun way to learn about the water cycle, check out Cara Carroll, who uses different color beads to represent the parts of the water cycle to then create a bracelet.

Image shows a rotisserie chicken container filled with grass and a rock from Laura Candler.
What a creative way to re-use those rotisserie chicken containers.

4. Create a Mini Water Cycle

If you’re looking for a way to re-use a rotisserie chicken container, go visit Laura Candler’s Teaching Resource page to learn how to create a mini water cycle.

Image shows a cartoon of the water cycle by Power Smart for Schools.
The perfect visual to use in a science lesson.

5. Water Cycle Lesson Plan

Power Smart for Schools shares an engaging lesson to use with second grade students during a science lesson.

Image shows printable diagrams for the water cycle from Simple Living Creative Learning
The perfect way to learn each science term of the water cycle!

6. Water Cycle Printables

Second graders will enjoy learning about the steps of the water with these printables from Simple Living Creative Learning

Image shows water cycle images from The Rookie Parenting
Such bright pictures!

7. Water Cycle in a Bag Experiment

Rookie Parenting shows some awesome pictures for your young students to learn about the key concepts of the water cycle as well as a bag experiment. 

Image shows the water cycle with legos from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
Bring out the legos!

8. Lego Water Cycle

123 Homeschool 4 Me combines legos with the water cycle to create a cool 3D model

Image shows water and blue food coloring in a plastic bottle from Lesson 4 Little Ones
Get out the blue food coloring!

9. Simple Water Cycle Experiment 

Gather your plastic wrap and rubber bands so you can try out Lesson 4 Little Ones experiment to see condensation and water vapor.

Image shows a pot on a stove with a ladle from Line Upon Line Learning
You’ll need a cup of water for this simple experiment to understand the water cycle.

10. Rain in the Kitchen

Line upon Line Learning shares a great way to take hot water, a stove pot, and a ladle to create an experiment where your young ones can understand the water cycle

Image shows a graphic of the water cycle from Natural Beach Living
Second-grade students will know the stages of the water cycle with this diagram.

11. Stages of the Water Cycle

Natural Beach Living shares how you can use one of the picture books called Rivers and Oceans to teach the stages of the water cycle. 

Image shows the water cycle drawn on a plastic ziplock bag from Science Sparks.
What a fun way to learn about the water cycle.

12. Mini Water Cycle

Grab a mug, plastic wrap, warm water, string, and a bowl and follow Science Sparks directions on how to create a water cycle model. 

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Which water cycle activity was your favorite?

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