The Spring brings lots of weather changes.   One day it could be windy and *so* cold, another day it can be rainy, or the perfect day to play at the park!

This weather is crazy, but is a great time to experience and discuss weather changes and patterns with our kids.

12 weather activities for kids

12 Weather Activities:  Explore the Weather with your Kids

We have a printable to help your kids practice reading a thermometer.   Create a model thermometer with a straw and a pipe cleaner.

Create a working thermometer – your kids can watch the changing temperature. Via a What Do We Do All Day

Fun jello snack where your kids can recreate, and then eat, clouds in a cup. via Anastasia’s Palace

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Weather science experiments don’t need to be complicated. All you need is hot water, cotton balls and a set of tongs for this water cycle experiment.

Explore how lightning works using a can, a pencil and a couple other commonly found objects.

Color the seasons and the weather that typically goes along with each season with these Weather Coloring Pages.

Use pine-cones to predict the weather with this simple experiment from Science a Sparks.

Explore how clouds work, to bring us rain with this table-top experiment from Teach Preschool

Transform plastic cups and a paper plate into a device to test and measure the wind. via SeV3n

Explore Air pressure changes – all you need is a plastic baggie, a straw and a pom-pom.

Our kids have the best uncle. Last summer he got a huge weather balloon, blew it up, strapped a camera to it and we got in the car and followed it as it sailed across several counties. Your kids can learn about the weather with balloons too.

Play with rainbows.   Discuss how rainbows arrive after a rain while you and your kids put a felt puzzle together.

We have over 100 spring crafts for your kid!

If you are a blogger who has done a fun activity with your kids learning about the weather, stop by our Facebook page and tell us about it – feel free to add links and pictures so our readers can hear about your project!

You gotta check out this cotton ball weather picture for preschoolers!

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