Today we are making a Groundhog Day treat or snack! Groundhog Day happens every year on February 2 and is fun to celebrate at home or in the classroom. On Groundhog Day if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow (sunny day) there will be 6 more weeks of wintery weather. If Punxsutawney Phil does NOT see his shadow (cloudy day), then an early spring is predicted.

Finished Groundhog Day cupcake treat with floral decorations - Kids Activities
Let’s Make a Groundhog Day Snack!

GroundHog Day Treat

I expected to find some fun recipes online for making treats for kids on Groundhog Day. I made the mistake of searching for “groundhog recipes”. Let me just say that the word “day” is really important in this search. Otherwise, you will find recipes that describe how to skin your groundhog before cooking. Ewww!

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I didn’t find anything inspiring so I decided to just wing it. I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to make cupcakes again this year. But pre-made cupcakes sounded good to me. We went to the grocery and I asked Nicholas to find some Ding Dongs. He has only had Ding Dong cupcakes one time that I know of so I knew he wouldn’t pick it out by just recognizing the packaging. He actually had to read the words on the box in order to find them. And he did!

Child-lead Snack Idea

Groundhog Day
Let’s Pick out the Ingredients!

Then I let Nicholas help me pick out a few other things that we might use to make our Ding Dongs look like a groundhog. We didn’t have a specific plan so we bought a little more than we ended up using. We got home and set out all of our supplies to try to brainstorm what would work best. At least we had plenty of fun snacking while we were creating.

Ingredients Needed for Groundhog Day Snack

Ingredients needed for Groundhog Day snack - nilla wafers, ding dong frosting, marshmallows, chocolate chips
This is what we Used to Make Groundhog Day Snacks
  • Cupcakes – homemade cupcakes or store bought like Ding Dongs
  • Mini Nilla Wafers (or mini Oreos)
  • Frosting – we used the prepared in bag or can
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Edible googly eyes or small candies with frosting
  • Chocolate chip for the nose

Steps to Make Groundhog Day Treats

Child making groundhog day treats with frosting and a chocolate chip in a kitchen background
Making Groundhog Day Treats is fun for Kids!
  1. Start with a cupcake and frost with brown frosting (if not already).
  2. Frost mini cookies like mini Nilla wafers with brown frosting and attach to either side of your cupcake as groundhog ears.
  3. Add a little pink frosting or pink candy to the middle of each groundhog ear.
  4. Add edible googly eyes or candy with dark frosting dot in the middle for the groundhog eyes.
  5. Place a chocolate chip for the groundhog nose.
  6. Cut groundhog teeth out of a mini marshmallow. Adults can do this with a knife or wash kids scissors before and cut with scissors.

Our Finished Groundhog Day Treat

finished Groundhog Day treat on a white plate - Kids Activities Blog
Our Groundhog was so cute!

Your finished Groundhog Day treat looks like a groundhog and is super yummy! Kids can get creative with how the groundhog looks and what variations makes sense with the ingredients you have on hand.

Our Experience Making Groundhog Snack

We used Ding Dongs, Keebler mini fudge grasshopper cookies and pink icing for ears, mini M&Ms and chocolate icing for eyes, a chocolate chip for a nose, and marshmallow pieces for teeth.

Once we made our first groundhog, we had to make a few more friends for him so he didn’t get lonely. Nicholas did a great job with his creations.

More Groundhog Day Fun for Kids

We also played with a groundhog puppet that we made:

Groundhog day puppet made and played with by child outside looking at the groundhog shadow
We also make a Groundhog Day puppet to see Phil’s shadow.
  1. He colored a picture of a groundhog – find a groundhog coloring page or Groundhog Day coloring pages
  2. Color a paper or styrofoam cup brown or cover with brown paper
  3. Cut out your groundhog and attach the groundhog to a pencil with tape
  4. Put the end of the pencil through a hole in the bottom of the cup
  5. Your cute little groundhog could pop his head out of his hole and see his shadow on the ground.
  6. Talk about how the shadows changed as he changed the angle to the sun.

Happy Groundhog Day!

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How did your Groundhog Day snack turn out? Did you make it different than we did? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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