There are few movies that *I* can sit and watch with my kids… call it ADD, call it a mom who blogs, call it boredom.  The movie, How to Train Your  Dragon, was terrific – loved by my daughter nearly as much as my son!

The main character in the movie is Toothless (that’s an affiliate link to the toy character – get it quick, he’s only $9)… Toothless  is a capricious little dragon and one of the main characters in the movie.

…in our home he loves to play, to smoosh, jump on, fly over and into play dough!
how to train a dragon playdough

How to tame your dragon… with play dough.

Get three balls of play dough.  We usually make our own dough – the classic play dough recipe is perfect.

Like the bright brilliant colors??  Use gel food coloring dye.  We’ve used the Wiltons Icing Colors.  Their black is super dark – but you will still need to use a lot.  And mix their Kelly Green with a little bit of Lemon Yellow – so bright!

how to train a dragon playdough
Add glitter – our son called it dragon food.

“Track” your dragon as you make prints in the dough.

Popsicle sticks make great bars for your dragon’s stable.

Create a cliff of dough for your dragon to soar over (or push army men down).

Make a cave for your dragon to cower in…


how to train a dragon playdough

SO many ways to play!

Have your kids reenacted a movie before?  We would love to hear about it (and even see pictures) over on our facebook wall.

You make like this printable how to draw a dragon tutorial!

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