The only thing my kids like more than playing outside is finding an awesome hiding place outside. With this Plum Discovery Nature Play Hideaway playhouse from Costco, I’m taking homeschooling outside even more than before. It will be the perfect play to play, learn, and more!

Kids will love all the ways they can play with this Hobbit-inspired playhouse. Source: Costco

Seriously. This playhouse is a wonderful way to introduce my kids to the world of hobbits. We can read about the Hobbit, fairies, and more while they relax in the circular hideaway.

When language arts time is done, they can use sticks and stones to whip up something messy in the mud kitchen, thanks to the pots and pans and pretend burner (the perfect complement to a mud garden).

Art time? There’s a super fun painting screen attached to the back of the Hideaway. Paintbrush pens are included so kids can create and display their masterpieces. When they’re done? Simply wash it off. Last but certainly not least, there’s even a built-in planter. There is so many fun things to explore with this genius Hobbit-inspired playhouse design!

Source: Costco

The manufacturer also added some thoughtful touches, include a roof lined with artificial grass, bamboo gutters, and a fabric door to keep rain out. I can totally see my kids pretending they live underground!

Source: Costco

So, there’s all these cool features, but I’m guessing you’re wondering the same thing I did. Is it easy to put together? Is it durable for all that playtime? Yes and yes. Made with sustainably-sourced premium timber, it’s super durable. It will take some time to build — about three hours with two adults — but with all these super fun features, kids are sure to have hours upon hours of play time!

The Plum Discovery Nature Play Hideaway is currently available on Costco for $899.99. You do have to be logged in to see and order it.

Source: Costco

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