Whether you have ever thought about homeschool or never even considered it as an option, many parents are being thrust into the world of homeschooling.  With public and private school closures for health reasons, many families are finding themselves entering a new realm of education that they weren’t quite prepared for.

While it can seem overwhelming at first, there can be so much fun available with homeschooling.  We reached out to parents who already homeschool to share what they wish you know to help you along the way.

Here’s What Longtime Homeschooling Moms Want to Tell You

Holly shares,

“Pick one thing to work on. Perfect being able to focus on one thing and make progress with it before adding a second thing. Like, if you love math? Make that your thing for a week or two before attempting to weave in something else. And, when in doubt, send them out(side)! If there is space for it, fresh air is a good thing.”

Thea writes,

“There are days either you or your homeschoolers aren’t feeling it and that’s okay. On these days, they may learn more by making a batch of cookies than by a dozen worksheets. Think numbers, fractions, measurements, order of events, and you can even use letter cookie cutters to spell words.”

Tammy explains,

“Enjoy the moment. While academic school is important, don’t be afraid to go down the rabbit trails and explore that subject more or answer their million questions about the things they’re interested in. Find ways to connect with your children and explore their interests with them, there’s a ton of “school” in exploring. Use cooking, for example: Reading the recipe, If you don’t have the ingredients make a list that’s handwriting and spelling. Measuring ingredients is math, Cooking is time management, Cleaning up after is life skills.
Above all else have fun! If you’re in tears and they’re crying, no one learns anything but frustration.”

Even more reasons why cooking with your kids as part of your homeschooling day is an awesome idea? Second breakfast is a very real thing.  So is elevenses. And luncheon. And afternoon tea.  These just aren’t from Lord of the Rings.  There are a lot more meals in the homeschooling day.  

From Alyssa,

“EVERYTHING is a learning experience. And what you feel isn’t? Make it! It doesn’t always mean worksheets and set websites. It’s games that teach sharing and help brush up on math, it’s walks that turn into talks. It’s nature that turns into seeing things you didn’t pay attention to before. Cooking turn into following directions. Everything is learned by mistake and satisfaction.”

Amber shares,

“Each day is different. Each day has its own challenges and memory making moments. Taking each day and simply enjoying the time together is special. Academics are important, but with life being so different right now, taking the time to comfort our children is a priority.  Let the kids lead in their learning. Be their guide, but allow them to take the lead. You will be amazed at just how much they can and will learn when it’s not a chore or a requirement. Give them the tools and resources to explore and learn but take a step back and don’t push it on them.”

Even longtime homeschooling moms get tired and question themselves.  No matter what you do, you always wonder if you should have done something else.  

Cara explains, “Give yourself some grace because there is no perfect schedule and we’re all just trying to get through the day.”

And it is hard, for everyone right now.  Even long time homeschoolers are feeling the pressure.  

Leah shares,

“I have no good advice, this is social quarantine. Literally, all our normal stuff is canceled, we aren’t seeing friends, we aren’t doing our normal curriculum, we are attempting to work at home. My advice is “We are just like you, learning to survive in new ways and making the best of things.” This isn’t normal homeschool.”

Elisa sums it up best,

“Homeschooling looks different for everybody. Even this type of homeschooling. Extra grace is required. For everybody.”

So, there you have it. Hopefully this will make it a little easier in your current homeschooling journey. If you want more advice and tips and tricks, check out 100+ Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions. You can also check out our Stuck at Home page

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