With temperatures soaring above the century mark and the air outside smoky from two nearby fires, we are spending more time than usual indoors this month. Not wanting to simply increase my kids’ screen time (although there are instances where that is necessary), I went looking for creative indoor activities to keep my children occupied.

Enter these free Minecraft printables for kids! Seriously, they couldn’t have come at a better time.

But first, the backstory: Three weeks ago, we finally allowed our 8-year-old son to play the ever-popular game, Minecraft.

And now, it’s literally all he talks about.

Enderman, creeper, mod, Steve, biome, creative, redstone, tamed wolves – this is the lingo I hear after every play session. (As you can tell, he’s quickly schooling me on the ins-and-outs of Minecraft.)

It’s safe to say that my son is straight up digging Minecraft! (Pun intended.)

A Minecraft coloring sheet printed on white paper with Steve holding a diamond axe. Art supplies surround the printable.
Print and download these Minecraft coloring pages for a creative experience with your kids.

So, you can imagine my son’s excitement when he got his hands on these free Minecraft printables.

Let me guess – you have Minecraft fans at home, too?!

We know they are going to love these Minecraft coloring sheets as much as we do.

Pull out your markers, oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons, watercolor paints – whatever you have available at home – and dive in!

A Minecraft coloring sheet printed on white paper with Steve fighting a creeper with his diamond axe. Colorful art supplies and magnetic letters surround the printable.
Steve fights a creeper with his diamond sword on this Minecraft coloring page.

The other Minecraft coloring pages (not pictured) include the following images: a cow and a tamed wolf, Alex with a chicken, and a diamond sword.

Enjoy coloring these free Minecraft coloring pages for kids!


And when you’ve finished coloring these free Minecraft printables, your Minecraft-loving kids will probably want to make these Minecraft crafts: A Minecraft creeper t-shirt or a Minecraft creeper using a toilet roll.


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