We are welcoming Shark Week with our specialty: free printables, crafts, science activities and shark coloring pages!

Kids absolutely love color by number printables and that’s exactly why we made this printable to help your kids practice addition while they have fun coloring!

Whether you need a quick activity for a card ride or you’re looking for printable crafts for kids you’ve come to the right place.

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Shark Week Color By Number Addition Coloring Pages
Math is so much more fun when Sharks are involved! Make learning addition fun with these color by number coloring pages.

Feeling bored at home? We have so many stem art projects that you can do with items you already have, and fun school things to do at home to keep the learning going without leaving home!

Free kids coloring pages

Put down the textbook and get some hands-on learning through play! Keep the learning going in a fun way with activities for elementary kids and other engaging activities for kids at school. You will find over a THOUSAND crafts, games, activities, screen-time recommendations, color by number worksheets, and free kids coloring pages.

Shark Coloring Pages

Before we get to the color by numbers online printables, here are some random shark facts you probably didn’t know about:

  • The smallest shark, the dwarf lanternshark, is less than seven inches long!
  • Sharks are picky eaters. They often take one bite of something before they decide if they want to eat it. That’s why it’s highly unlikely for them to attack humans!
  • Scientists believe there are more than 400 different species of sharks.
Printable coloring pages
Shark fans can use anything to color these worksheets: markers, crayons, colored pencils, even watercolor!

If you are looking for a fun way to practice your math addition lesson for preschoolers, our shark week printable coloring pages are just what you need.

Download the best Shark Week Addition Color by Number Worksheets

Kindergarten is the perfect time to introduce basic math lessons to preschoolers. Kids can understand basic math operations from a young age, especially if they are taught with games!

Kids are sure to learn faster when crayons enter the picture.

Help your kid solve these basic addition operations: find the correct answer to the addition problems and then color the printables according to the code!

Color by numbers shark week
We know your little one will love our Shark Week themed activities as much as we do!

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Here are more Fun Shark Crafts and Activities to Do During Shark Week:

Shark Toys That Your Child Will Love

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