Baby Shark Shoes Are Here!

If you thought that the Baby Shark craze was about to end anytime soon, think again… Baby Shark Shoes Are Here and It’s About Time!

I promise once your kids get these shoes on, they’ll never want to take them off! 

Credit: Etsy 818 Vinyl Creations

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Baby Shark Shoes Are Here!

While many of us parents have been waiting for more Baby Shark themed products to be released, others have taken it upon themselves to create custom made Baby Shark themed goods and this time it’s all about the shoes Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo…

Several Etsy sellers have begun making custom made Baby Shark Shoes that are canvas or tie shoes wrapped entirely in Baby Shark colors and characters. 

As I began browsing the shoe designs, I fell in love with Bestseller Baby Shark Shoes from 818 Vinyl Creations. I mean, how cute and perfect are these designs?!

Credit: Etsy 818 Vinyl Creations

Each shoe is 100% handmade, custom to the specifications of your order and the best part is, these are name brand shoes – Vans, Converse, etc. 

Price depend on the size of shoe and the design you choose but seriously, how can you put a price on a custom pair of shoes your kids are going to flip over?! Think ahead for Christmas even!

Credit: Etsy 818 Vinyl Creations

You can head over and check out the Baby Shark Shoes Here. Your kids will be so happy to be tapping, dancing and singing to the Baby Shark Song in these!


  1. Tiffany Werner says:

    Where can I order these shoes at?

  2. Amber Marshall says:

    Is there a link where I can go and order these vans??

  3. Sonya Heck says:

    I want cost for shoes?Please

  4. Esmeralda says:

    How much and how can I order them

  5. How do I order the baby shark shoes ?

  6. Reginna Pippenger says:

    Is there a website or link to order these??

  7. Ranesha gillon says:

    Where can i get theses shoes

  8. Charlotte says:

    Hi. Where can i order these baby shark shoes.

  9. I would love to order a pair!!!

  10. I want to order these shoes

  11. Mary Livingston says:

    Like to know where I can order the shoes

  12. Ashley smith says:

    How can I order these

  13. Isa cross says:

    Where can I order these

  14. I placed a order haven’t got it yet? N why does it take so long?

    1. We don’t sell the baby shark shoes. You will have to ask the person you ordered it from!

  15. The seller doesn’t exist anymore I ordered and 4 weeks later I found their not selling anymore but Etsy gave me my money back. I was waiting for the for my kids birthday to find this out what a huge disappointment so don’t bother guys

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