Parents may already know that the Baby Shark song is the perfect tool to help your kids learn how to wash their hands properly, and right now, it’s even more important to make sure kids know exactly how to do that. Singing the chorus of Baby Shark helps kids time the 20 seconds they need to thoroughly wash their hands according to the CDC guidelines, and now Baby Shark has added a video to help your kids remember all the steps, sung to the tune of the biggest hit! In their newest video, all your favorite sharks are back to sing about washing your hands.   From washing your hands, to adding soap, rubbing them together, rinsing them all the way off, and drying completely, each step has a full chorus of doo doo doo doo doo to help you along and help your kids remember. The sharks also sing about staying healthy!  The song also reminds kids to cover their sneezes and to cough into their elbows, to help stay safe right now. It’s important reminders little kids need, and doesn’t hurt for grown ups to pay attention too.   Want to hear the song?  It’s right here on the Baby Shark official YouTube channel.

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