Our backyard will be an oasis this Summer. We plan to spend as much time outdoors as possible, enjoying the sun, warm weather, and of course the water too. And we recently discovered a different, and fun, way to enjoy the water too: water blobs! Water blobs are basically translucent and inflatable pool mats that can be filled with water. These are totally outdoor water beds designed for kids.
rectangle water blob
Source: Target
To fill these water blobs up, just hook up the garden hose. Once it’s adequately filled, seal it up and let the fun begin. Kids can jump on them, lay on them, roll on them, sit on them — in other words, they can be kids on them! There’s so many fun things to do with these sturdy sensory water toys! They’re a cool sensation, especially when water is sprayed on top of them. 
Round aquapod
Source: Amazon
Here are some of our favorite water blobs, perfect for loads of summer-time fun: 

Portable Water Blobs for 1-2 kids (ages 3 and up): 

All of these water pads basically function the same way. Fill ’em up and have fun in the sun. The choices depend on how old your kids are, what shape you prefer, and how many kids will be playing with it.
Portable water blob
Source: Target
These three pads are perfect for ages 3 and up:
  • Small, rectangular aquapod with fish: Kids love this mat because not only do they get to squish it all around, but they can make the fish inside move around too. 
  • Round aquapod with fish: Kids can make waves and chase around the fish in this squishy water blob too.
  • Portable Lagoon: The funky shape design for this water blob ensures the water stays near the middle. Bonus, it adds an extra element of sensory fun. 
Fish blob
Source: Walmart
For infants six months and up, check out this water blob:
  • Pat the Fish – This fish-shaped 48″ playmat is perfect for younger kiddos who are working on getting comfortable with the water. 

Water Blobs for Up to 6-8 Kids:

H20Go Splash Blobz Splat Mat Pad: Lay this blob on level ground, and give yourself time to fill it up, because this one is ENORMOUS. It clocks in at 9.8 feet by 6.6 feet – like we said, it’s huge!
Water blob
Source: Amazon
Since it’s such a big water blob, be sure to fill it up where you want your kids to use it, because it will get heavy. But it’ll also keep your kids entertained for hours upon hours as they jump and play. Depending on how you hook the hose up, you can also spray the top with water for some extra fun in the sun. 


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