41 Wonderful Clay Crafts

Are you looking for a fun project to do with your little one? Well, today we have a list with tons of clay crafts for kids of all ages! Some even double up as home decor while others make for a beautiful handmade gift. One thing is true – all of these simple clay crafts are equally fun!

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Let’s have some fun with these clay crafts!

41 Fun Clay Crafts To Make With THE WHOLE FAMILY

This is especially true when it comes to clay crafts, as playing with clay helps improve eye-hand coordination and promote both gross and fine motor skills in our children.

By making these fun clay crafts, both younger kids and older kids will get benefits such as better dexterity which are helpful in a school setting. Besides, clay play is a soothing activity that anyone can do.

Then, there are also the other benefits of making clay projects: kids can create a clay bowl, plant pots, clay animals like cute little penguins, candle holders, polymer clay earrings, and oh, there are tons of possibilities we can create with lots of clay! If you ask us, clay crafts always make a great gift.

Most of these DIY projects can be done with household items you probably already have, like a cookie cutter or a craft knife, and you can bet there is an activity for children of every age group and skill level. Toddlers, kindergarteners, elementary-aged kids, beginners & advanced… Everyone can follow these clay craft tutorials and create beautiful objects!

So, let’s get started.

1. Sculpting with Cornstarch Clay

Here’s a super easy (and cheap) recipe to make sculpting clay. All you need is water, baking soda, and cornstarch, and your kids will be ready to create a cheap, unique art project.

Easy and fun to make!

2. Christmas Scented Clay Ornament Craft

Make your home smell like Christmas, making a clay ornament craft and using essential oil diffusers. These Christmas scented clay ornament crafts only take about 2 minutes to make and kids will love helping you make these!

These ornaments also look so cute!

3. Picasso Inspired Tree Ornaments Kids Can Make

Toddlers, preschoolers, and even elementary-aged children will have so much fun making these Picasso-inspired tree ornaments. We love this clay art project!

Enjoy making silly clay faces!

4. Marbled Clay Ring Dishes

Let’s make an original marbled clay ring dish following the step by step tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. Of course, kids can make their own too as the steps are fairly easy (you’ll have to step in for the cutting and baking steps, though)

Aren’t these ring rishes so gorgeous?

5. Cute Clay Penguin Craft + Homemade Air Dry Clay Recipe

Let’s make these super cute clay penguin craft wire holders from Artsy Crafty Mom. They work great for your notes, business cards, or photos, and are pretty inexpensive to make. They make great unique gifts, too!

We love cute crafts that are also useful!

6. Clay Unicorn Magnets Using Birthday Candles – Kid Craft

This clay craft combines unicorns with birthday candle magnets – making it the perfect, glittery, beautiful activity for our unicorn fans at home. From Glued To My Crafts.

Children will have such a fun time making these.

7. Super Easy Clay Craft For Kids

Let’s welcome spring with an incredibly cute craft, which makes for a lovely gift too! This fun tic tac toe is played with bees vs flowers. Both the game and the making process are extremely fun! From Artsy Crafty Mom.

Aren’t these bees just the cutest ever?

8. Planet Earth: Clay Craft for Earth Day & Earth Study

Making a sculpture of the Earth isn’t as difficult as it sounds, in fact, it’s so much fun and it’s a great idea for celebrating Earth Day. Just follow the step by step tutorial from Adventure in a Box.

Planet Earth has never looked prettier.

9. Super Easy Clay Sheep Photo Holder

To make these super adorable – and super easy – clay sheep photo holders, you will need some easy materials (like acrylic paints, cold porcelain clay, clay modeling tools, a brush, and other supplies) but most importantly, you need to have fun! From Artsy Crafty Mom.

Look at how lovely this craft is.

10. Polymer Clay Cupcake Craft

Cupcakes are one of the best things to exist in the world – but making fake cupcakes is just as fun! Let’s make these polymer clay crafts from The Pinterested Parent and have fun playing bakeshop.

You can make as many “flavors” as you want!

11. DIY Pokémon Pokéball Clay Magnets

We all know a little one who is obsessed with Pokémon, making this Pokéball clay magnet the perfect craft or present for them! All you need is some clay modeling tools, acrylic paints, and a kid excited to make their own Pokéball. From Artsy Crafty Mom.

Gotta catch ’em all!

12. Adorable Frozen Elsa Polymer Clay Craft

Let’s make this adorable Elsa polymer clay craft! Not only is it a fun craft, but you can also transform her into a pencil topper, a magnet, or even a DIY home decor. From Artsy Crafty Mom.

You can create other princesses too.

13. Polymer Clay Rainbow Pendant Necklace Tutorial

Whether you’re looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft or just want more colorful jewelry, this polymer clay rainbow necklace is super quick and easy to make! It’s perfect as a project to do with your kids. From Natashalh.

This is such a cute easy rainbow craft.

14. Adorable DIY Polymer Clay Owl Necklaces

These polymer clay owl crafts from Projects with Kids are so vibrant and fun and make a great handmade gift that kids can make for their friends on their birthdays or St. Valentine’s Day.

We simply love colorful crafts.

15. Super-Cute Air-Drying Clay Garden Gnomes Craft

Make these adorable clay garden gnomes for your garden! If you seal them, they make an excellent plant marker too. This activity is perfect for elementary school aged kids. From Rainy Day Mum.

Kids will love making these cute gnomes.

16. Handmade Clay Birdhouse Bookmark

These clay birdhouse bookmarks from Artsy Crafty Mom are one of the best presents you can give to a bookworm. They are extremely colorful and easier to make than it looks, just follow the directions and pictures.

Isn’t this bookmark just the cutest?

17. DIY Clay Bunny Bowls

Alice and Lois shared a fun way to make the most adorable clay bunny bowls. Air dry clay is an easy clay to work with and your kids will love this project, too. What will you put in these cute bowls?

I’d put some jelly beans in here!

18. DIY Terracotta Air Dry Clay Earrings

Here are 4 unique ways to make clay earrings. They are pretty fun to make and most importantly, look great no matter what you wear. Plus, isn’t it awesome to wear something you made with your own hands? From Fall For DIY.

These earrings would also make a great Mother’s Day gift.

19. Clay Cactus Ring Holder

This clay cactus ring holder from Little Red Window is the most original way to make sure your rings are safe. You’ll only need 3 supplies: air dry clay, acrylic craft paint, and glue!

You can make this ring holder in different sizes, too.

20. Leaf Clay Dish

This leaf clay dish is perfect for older kids to make on their own. It’s a gorgeous piece that can be used as a ring dish or simply to hold items like keys, coins, or anything you can think of. From The Best Ideas For Kids.

These clay leaf dishes look so realistic!

21. Air Dry Clay Beads

Here’s another tutorial for a cute necklace! These air dry clay beads from Make and Fable are fun to make and fun to wear! This tutorial will show you how to shape three different beads, paint and finish, all ready to thread onto a necklace.

Imagine all the different necklaces you can make with this technique.

22. Mini Swan Pool Float Vase

We love all the different options for using this DIY clay swan project – from home decor to a planter, to a mini desk organizer, and more. We are sure they’d make great gifts for Teacher appreciation week. From A Kailo Chic Life.

23. Air Dry Clay Sugar Skull Bead Necklace

This air dry clay sugar skull is a fun activity to do with older kids. Younger ones can enjoy making this craft, but they might need some assistance in some steps! Aren’t they just super adorable? From Let’s Do Something Crafty.

It’s so colorful and pretty!

24. Geometric Colored Pencil Holder

Let’s make a geometric colored pencil stand with air dry clay! This craft, besides being extremely fun to make, is super useful – something we love here at Kids Activities Blog. From Lines Across.

We love how creative this craft is.

25. Fourth Of July Tea Light Holders

Learn how to create simple clay Fourth of July Tea Light Holders to make your Independence Day holiday more unique & fun. Plus, they are a great decoration for the big holiday. From Delineate Your Dwelling.

You’ll never guess how the colors are added to this craft…

26. DIY Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

Let’s make pretty dry clay Christmas ornaments, just follow the step by step directions with photos from On Sutton Place. These charming tags make the perfect handmade gift!

Let’s celebrate the festive season!

27. Mini Vase Magnets

These DIY mini vase magnets are so cute and really simple to make. Just follow 4 easy steps and you’ll have your own too! From Oh, So Pretty.

Use them to decorate your house or office!

28. How to Make Clay Coil Hearts

Looking for Valentine’s Day DIY presents? Try making these beautiful clay coil hearts! These clay coil hearts from Artful Parent are super easy to make and suitable for all ages from 4 years and up.

This is such an original craft!

29. DIY Embossed Clay Star Decorations

Learning how to make these pretty embossed stars using air dry clay is a very fun activity you can do with the whole family. Follow the step by step tutorial and hang them on your Christmas tree. From Gathering Beauty.

30. DIY Clay Rainbow Ornaments

Here’s another cute rainbow craft for kids! These sweet DIY clay rainbow ornaments from Alice and Lois are easy to make… The hardest part is waiting for them to dry before painting them!

These clay rainbows crafts are beautiful.

31. Make Your Own Air-Dry Clay Bunnies For Easter

We love Easter bunny crafts, and so do kids of all ages. This craft combines Easter bunnies with playing with air dry clay, which are one of the most fun activities that can be done as a family (they make for great keepsakes too!) From Lovilee.

Aren’t they just so pretty?

32. Seashell Necklace

If you have some pretty seashells and don’t know what to do with them, Moms and Crafters shared a fun activity to turn them into nice necklaces. You can add glitter, chalk pastel, and plenty of other interesting materials.

Take the beach with you everytwhere.

33. Star Garland and Easy Homemade Air Clay Recipe

Here’s a recipe to make air clay recipe with three ingredients that you probably already have, and if you don’t they are very inexpensive to get. Once you’ve got them, you can make this beautiful star garland to decorate your Christmas tree! From Lily Ardor.

We love how easy it is to follow this reicpe.

34. How to Make Fantasy Dragon Eggs

Ever wondered what dragon eggs would look like? Here’s your answer: however you want them to! Check out this simple tutorial to make your own fantasy dragon eggs step by step! From Adventure in a Box.

Clay dragon eggs are one of the kids’ favorites.

35. Sea Shell Creatures

We showed you how to transform your seashells into jewelery, but now we’re sharing this tutorial from Crafts by Amanda to transform them into original clay sea shell creatures. You’ll need to use your imagination for this craft!

There are so many sea creatures you can make!


Who knew clay jewelry was so popular? This is a great way for kids to have fun indoors while creating a beautiful necklace, ring, or earrings they can wear or gift to a friend. This activity is suitable for children as young as 4 years old. From The Girl Inspired.

You can make clay jewelry in so lots of colors.

37. Monster Horns

These monster horns from The Roots of Design are so pretty, and can be worn on Halloween, the Renaissance Festival, or just for fun. You can make them in any color you want!

These monster horns are too adorable not to make.

38. DIY Owl Stitch Markers With Polymer Clay

Make these stitch markers for yourself or make them as a gift for your crocheting friends and family members. In this tutorial, Repeat Crafter Me shared how to make owls but you can make any animal you can think of. Plus, these could be made into earrings or charms too.

Owls are cute, but little frogs would be super cute too.

39. Polymer Clay Tutorial: 6 Ways to Make Clay Bracelets

Babbledabbledo has an amazing tutorial that walk you through how to make 6 different types of bracelets using this polymer clay. A craft perfect both for kids and adults!

There are so many interesting designs to choose from.

40. Cute Polymer Clay Craft For Tweens And Teens

These bright and colorful diy heart pendant necklaces are a super fun and cute polymer clay craft for girls. They’re perfect presents for birthdays or simply showing friends how much you care about them. From Just For Tween And Teen Girls.

Use your favorite colors!

41. Friendly Monster Earrings

Make friendly monster earrings with polymer clay, or transform them into charms, rings, or magnets. You can make so many pretty clay designs! From Eighteen 25.

These are possibly the cutest monster earrings ever.

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What is your favorite clay craft idea?

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