A Boy’s Ocean Fascination

Due to Bear’s current fascination with everything ocean-related, I created an ocean sensory bin focused on the underwater world.   We use a plastic under the bed storage bin for our indoor sensory tub.   That way, I can actually put a lid on it and  slide it under the bed until next time.   I already had the colored rice to use as the main component in the bin.   It was a mix of all the dyed rice we ™d used in previous bins.   I opted not to re-dye because I thought it added a nice contrast and didn’t quite have the time.

Materials Used for Ocean Sensory Bin:

Colored rice Multiple style blue and iridescent sequins Blue and teal pony beads* Blue foam threading buttons Blue shower curtain rings* Plastic turtles Fish water-squirters* Plastic toy ocean animals* Ocean animal erasers* Seashells* Blue plastic rake and shovel *dollar store finds


As an extension of the activity, I gave Bear tongs as  a way to practice his small motor skills and hand-eye coordination.   He went “digging” for seashells and “fishing” for the various ocean animals.   Sensory bins are a great way to integrate learning and hand development.   Kids love playing while they learn! Since I already had the rice and fillers and I only bought the ocean specific items, this sensory bin cost me about $8.00.   That’s not bad for the hours of fun we're having playing with it!
Dive in to the learning fun with these other great ocean ideas that your kids will just love:

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  1. Fun activity! Also, I really like the words lay-out on the first picture. Looks so nice!