NASA is planning on returning to the moon in 2024 and the space agency is going to need a brand new space toilet!

NASA is hosting the “Lunar Loo Challenge” right now and it really is a challenge. In order to prepare for the next moon landings, and hopefully Mars in the future, NASA needs something just a little bit different than what they already have.

Courtesy of NASA’s Lunar Loo Challenge, HeroX

While NASA already has space toilets currently in use at the International Space Station, the next step is one that works in both microgravity and lunar gravity. Microgravity is considered zero-G or weightlessness where material seems to float. Lunar gravity is 1/6 the Earth’s gravity and material will fall

NASA’s hope is to find something smaller and more efficient than what already exists and they believe that expanding the search outside of the usual aerospace engineers may help them find an effective new idea. Do you have what it takes?

NASA is inviting both adults and children to submit their designs for the next Lunar Loo, with cash prizes for adult designs, and bragging rights and NASA swag for the best kid designs.

Full details are available on the NASA Lunar Loo Challenge website, including what the Lunar Loo may need to do, how it needs to operate, and more.

For students, three categories are available–under age 11, ages 11-4, and 15-17. Submissions are due no later than 5pm EST on August 17, 2020, so it’s time to get busy designing!

Space Activities for Kids

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