Our good friends over at Kids Art Spot have made an engaging virtual art camp for kids! This fits in perfectly with other virtual camps we have found!

We will tell you all about Kids Art Camp, and how to get a FREE trial, below!

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Kids Art Spot is a fantastic resource for busy parents. They are constantly turning out video tutorials that teach children how to color, draw, paint, and more!

This means that you can provide enrichment for your child while also freeing up time for you. So, you can use this time to get work done, make dinner, or whatever else your busy schedule may require.

What is a Virtual Kids Art Camp?

A virtual art camp is an 11 week experience for children of all ages and skill levels.

Kids Art Spot offers creative activities and learning experiences. Each week’s activities follow a special theme. This will help keep kids excited and inspired! Activities range from craft projects to drawing prompts!

Give your child the opportunity to learn hands-on with science experiments, fun fact sheets, and children’s picture books.

Every week’s activities come with fun challenges! These challenges are not required to progress through the Virtual Kids Art Camp. So, it is a fun addition for the motivated child without being a burden.

Have fun, learn, and get creative all summer long!

Can any family do the Virtual Art Camp?


There are many ways to use this virtual art camp experience. You get to choose what works best for your children. You can do the art camp together, as a family, or with minimal assistance. This is because the video tutorials make everything super easy to follow.

Help from you, their grandparents, friends, or anyone else is a great way to bond!

Is this virtual art camp for teens?

It can be! Kids Art Camp is made for all skill levels, and teaches the basics in a way anyone can understand. The challenges can be done as masterpieces or doodles.

For the young Van Gogh or the old Picasso in your life, this virtual art camp can be for anyone. It can easily be a virtual art camp for teens themselves or for teens looking for fun activities to do with their younger siblings.

Here’s three reasons you should choose Kids Art Camp, for your family!

  • Nurturing our children’s creativity is important. So, the benefits of art in childhood are vast! Things like problem-solving abilities, literacy, fine & gross motor skills, connection with others, and a greater understanding of themselves and the world.
  • Modern family life is busy. You’ve been pinning boards full of art activities to do with the kids someday, but when? And how? Just getting started seems overwhelming! Their week-by-week guide take away the guess work and leave the fun to you.
  • Video is a powerful teaching tool! Even if you aren’t creative, you can foster creativity in your children with these easy-to-follow video art tutorials.

I find most value in the videos.  My children can’t read well yet so it’s liberating for them to be able to collect the materials and do the activity after watching the videos.  I also like the tips for how to differentiate the activity at the end of the videos.

We watched the video about making art with washi tape and then the kids made their own pieces of art. They were inspired by the face shown in the video and enjoyed making their own faces! It was a great activity, and the video was helpful for the kids to get started independently. I didn’t have to do anything, just gave them the tape and paper.

– Jaclyn Bentley

How do I get a FREE Trial of Kids Art Camp?

All by itself, the virtual Kids Art Camp is only $47. Coming out to less than $5/week is already an amazing deal!

However, Kids Art Camp is completely FREE with a subscription to Kids Art Spot.

Even better, Kids Art Spot is giving away a 14 day trial for free! This means you get access to all of their art lessons along with Kids Art Camp! After that, you get their special, limited-time price of only $7.99 per month! That’s half off of the normal price!

Click HERE for your FREE Trial!

I’m excited by the opportunity to entertain and educate my kids, this summer. With me working from home, I think a virtual art camp will be perfect, for my kids.

Check out more virtual fun!

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