Here’s A List of Camps Your Kids Can Visit Virtually

While we’re all dreaming of summer, being outside, and actually being near other people again, many summer camps are transforming their Spring Break camps into virtual ones.

These camps are offering ideas for your kids, from nature walks to science talks, arts and crafts, physical activities, and homework help, via virtual channels like Facebook Live, Instagram and YouTube.

Would your kids like to learn how to make a socktopus or egg carton crafts?  Would they like to make their very own snacks?  Do your remember all the different camp songs from your own camping experiences and want to try to teach them to your kids?  Are you wanting different exercise and indoor physical activity ideas?

These camps are putting all of this and plenty more online with their virtual spring break camps to help ease the burden on parents who are stuck indoors for the time being.  It’s a great way to change up the pace of the day with new activities and ideas you may never have considered, so try camp at home!

Some of the virtual camps we have found:

Girl Scouts of Colorado – Sky High Ranch

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

YMCA Camp Ernst

YMCA Camp Kitaki

Camp Stomping Ground

Camp Granite Lake

Lazy F Camp

St. Crispin’s Summer Camp

Whippoorwill Farm Day Camp

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