There are so many classes and activities to try online right now while you’re social distancing.  From ballet to art to music, there’s something that will appeal to every kid. The Little Gym is now adding virtual classes, for babies through age 12.  The earliest classes are modeled after their interactive parent and child gymnastics classes while the older classes providing a gymnastics bootcamp for active school age children. Each set of classes is based on developmental goals for children of a specific age.  The youngest classes, designed for ages 4 through 18 months, feature sensory activities, music, and physical activities to promote development.   Toddler classes, for children ages 19 through 35 months, add more music and physical activities along with imaginative games to help children grow.   Both of these include plenty of parent participation, just like in-person classes, leaving parents with many new ideas how to interact with their little ones. Preschool, ages 3-5 years, begin to feature more and more gymnastics skills, teaching kids concepts in a fun way, such as jump like a monkey.  Elementary school, ages 6-12, adds an element of physical education to their classes, challenging students to practice their skills and keep their bodies moving. New classes for all age groups are available on YouTube with new sets released on Thursdays to help keep your children active while they’re stuck indoors.


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