These Beach Towns Were Named The Best Places to Live and I’m Packing my Bags

After staying at home for the past few months, my dreams of living near the beach are stronger than ever. I’m guessing I’m not the only one. After all, staying at home isn’t so bad if we’re living close to the beach, am I right?

WalletHub named the best beach towns to live in, and now I want to move. Pictured here: Folsom Lake.

WalletHub recently put together a list of the “Best Beach Towns to Live In.” As they point out, many people believe that beach life isn’t within reach, due to the cost of living and lack of amenities. But this list proves that idea wrong.

There are affordable beach towns… if you know where to look.

The Top Beach Towns Around the United States

WalletHub split their list into two: best beach towns on the lake, and best coastal towns on the ocean. They ranked them based on a variety of indicators, include housing costs as well as water quality. Affordable, beautiful, and great water? I’m calling the moving company stat.

Top 10 Lake Towns To Live In

10. Pewaukee, WI

9. Davidson, NC

8. Rocky River, OH

7. Mercer Island, WA

6. Kirkland, WA

5. Cornelius, NC

4. Holland, MI

3. Redmond, WA

2. Folsom, CA

  1. Traverse City, MI – This I can 100% get behind, considering I visit this beautiful, walkable city at least once a year. The Lake Michigan beach town has everything: wonderful spots for hiking and biking, amazing food, and of course, a stunning lake.
Traverse City was named the best beach town (on a lake) to live, and it’s not hard to see why. Source: Oops & Daisies

Top 10 Ocean Beach Towns to Live In

10. Vero Beach, FL

9. Encinitas, CA

8. Carlsbad, CA

7. Kailua, HI

6. Sarasota, FL

5. Santa Monica, CA

4. Newport Beach, CA

3. Boca Raton, FL

2. Lahaina, HI

  1. Naples, FL – While I’m surprised Hawaii isn’t number one, it is typically pricier there. And Naples has just about everything you could want out of a waterfront town too, including phenomenal shopping, dining, and beaches.

So which beach town has your heart? If you could move to any of these places, would you? I know my kids would love to live by a beach, no matter what the time of year! For the full list of fabulous water-front towns to live in (there’s nearly 200 total on the list), visit here.

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