My kids have always been obsessed with planes and flying. They love to put their arms out and pretend to fly. That’s one reason I know they’ll love the Intex Plane Ride-On, a floating plane perfect for both the pool and the lake this summer. The best part of all? It comes with a water blaster!

Kids love to ride this floating plane from Intex — and use the water blaster too! Source: Amazon

More Reasons to Love This Floating Plane

First off, it simply looks cool. The floating plane actually looks like a toy plane, complete with a fun propeller. And the fact that my kids can hop on board and ride it? Yeah, that alone makes it an awesome summer water toy.

Source: Amazon

As for the size, at 52 inches long and 51 inches wide, it’s a great size for kids — from age three all the way up to age 15 — while also not being too big.

The seat also has a wide base as well as handles, which helps keep it stable even if your kids start rocking it back and forth over the water.

Plus, since it’s made with durable 10 gauge vinyl, it’s also plenty sturdy. But, just in case, it comes with a repair patch.

Source: Amazon

But wait, I haven’t even gotten to the best part: the floating plane toy includes a water blaster!

Source: Amazon

So not only can kids float the day away, but they can have some water fun all day long — because you never have to refill the blaster! That’s because, due to the innovative design of the floatie, it pulls water from the pool or lake. Yeah, this is one amazing water inflatable.

The Intex Floating Plane is available for $17.97 from Amazon. To have the biggest water squirt ever, be sure to at least get a couple.

Source: Amazon

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