Building a blanket fort is one of our favorite ways to pass time stuck at home. Lately, it seems like we’ve run out of ways to make forts for kids, so I was really excited when Ikea shared directions for how to make a fort with their furniture. 

Everyone knows Ikea for their yummy meatballs, affordable furniture, and assembly directions. Do it yourself takes on a whole new meaning when you’re sitting in a pile of particle board and allen wrenches. 

But now you can take those DIY masterpieces and make a fun and creative space for your kids to enjoy. 

Easy Blanket Forts 

You don’t need a blanket fort kit to create a special place for your kids to play inside. Just grab a blanket or two, some pillows, books to use as weights, and see what you can use around your house to use for the structure. 

Building forts is fun and everything, but it also can provide some educational opportunities too. Children learn to think outside the box, create patterns, practice sequencing, and feel a sense of accomplishment when they get to see something they’ve designed come to life.  

Ikea’s fort plans feature pieces of their iconic furniture, but you could easily substitute different pieces for things you already have around your house! These are really some of the coolest blanket forts ever.

blanket fort instructions using chairs, clothespins and a coat rack from ikea
You’ll need a blanket, chairs, coat rack, and clothespins to create the Cåstle blanket fort from Ikea.

How To Build a Blanket Fort — CÅSTLE Ikea 

Kids can rule their own imaginary kingdom inside the CASTLE blanket fort.

For this design, Ikea recommends four dining chairs, a coat rack, two blankets, and 16 clothespins. Use those items to build the outside structure of the indoor fort. Decorate the inside using a rug, pillows, and string of fairy lights.

It looks like such a dreamy place for kids to let their imaginations run wild!

When I think of a traditional blanket fort, this is the design that quickly comes to mind. I mean, what kid *hasn’t* built a fort using chairs from the dining table?!

blanket fort instructions from ikea using an arm chair, blanket, pillows, and books
The Cåve Ikea blanket fort uses an armchair and blanket to create a cozy alcove filled with pillows and books.

CÅVE Indoor Fort For Kids

Hang a blanket over the back of an arm chair, stretch it out, and hold one end in place using a couple of books. Tip: Tuck one end of the blanket into the chair’s cushion to hold one side in place while you are stretching out the blanket! Fill the cozy space with pillows and books and your kids will have a reading nook they won’t want to leave!

large indoor fort made with blankets, clothespins, and a table.
House Ikea Blanket Fort is made by covering a table with two blankets connected with clothespins.

Ikea Kids Blanket Fort HÖUSE 

To build this sheet fort, connect the ends of two blankets using clothespins and drape it over the table. The clothespins will help the structure keep its shape. Place books on top of the blankets where they touch the floor and pull them tight.

Add one of Ikea’s lanterns and a soft teddy bear to finish it off. 

House Ikea fort is one of our favorite forts for kids with sensory processing sensitivity that enjoy closed spaces. This is exactly the kind of pillow fort that my kiddo would enjoy.  

couch fort made using cushions as walls and blankets as the cover
Ikea Fortress takes a more traditional approach to building a couch fort.

FÖRTRESS Ikea Couch Fort

Turn a couch into a fortress using the cushions as walls. Connect two blankets with clothespins to cover the fortress — then add a cozy blanket and pillows. Kids can defend against imaginary sieges or just hang out in this comfy space.

tent for kids using a clothing rack, blankets, and clothespins
The Cåmpingtent gets its shape from one of Ikea’s closet clothing racks, covered with blankets and held in place with clothespins.

Ikea’s CÅMPINGTENT Pillow Fort

Camping Tent is another genius indoor fort made from an Ikea clothing rack. Hang blankets on either side of the rack and attach to the top of the rack with clothespins. For a fun touch, use a clothes drying rack to hang a string of lights in the tent.

My favorite thing about this indoor fort is that it doesn’t take up too much space!

teepee tent made from a coat rack and blankets
Wigwåm teepee tent gets its shape from a coat rack, blankets, and books.

WIGWÅM Ikea Teepee Tent

Add a magical touch to your playroom by building a teepee tent! It’s actually easier than you’d think. A coat rack makes up the center pole in Ikea’s Wigwam teepee.

Connect two blankets together using binder clips and drape them around the coat rack. Wrap some rope around the top of the coat rack to attach the blankets, and use books to hold the blanket in place on the floor. 

I think the wigwam teepee tent might be my favorite indoor play house of them all. It is so pretty and would be perfect for a slumber party, if our time at home ever ends! 

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