I’ve got a case of mom drool. These indoor play homes are just adorable!   Many of them are ones that you can make yourself (or copy the concept of the for-purchase play house kit). I think I want to hide with a book in one of these nooks!   playhouses that you can make   If you have a nifty play house in your home, I would love to see photos of it.   Please share photos with our readers on our facebook wall.   You will make my day!    

indoor play houses for kidsCardboard Play Places

Make a walk-in cardboard box house.   Our local hardware store lets us take their big appliance boxes if they haven’t broken them down yet – makes my kids day!! You can make a wigwam out of newspaper.   This tutorial is super easy to follow after you cover it your kids will have a super fun home to hide in! And if you have way, way too many boxes, you can create a maze.   This one was uploaded from someone in a park in Japan. Your kids can learn about geometry and how angles connect and interact with this fun dome shaped cardboard house. indoor play houses for kids

Indoor Play House Kits:

Isn’t this little book nook adorable?   It is the shape of a house, but has an open concept so you can see what your kids are doing. Out of all the houses, I think this Boxy Play House is the one I would love to make.   It looks like it could work with any gender and age! You can create a mini-house for your dolls using a book case.   These “building” doors transform the shelves into homes. Do you have an empty corner?   This play house hutch would be a great addition to a play room. indoor play houses for kids

Fabric Hiding Spots

This homemade teepee takes five minuets to put-up and is easy to hide away when your child is finished playing.   Great indoors or out! If your kids have an elevated bed, consider adding a long “skirt” around the bed frame to become your kids’ play house. This is super simple!   It is a sheet-house handing from tension rods.   You can transform a hallway into a fun play place. Transform a tablecloth into a hiding house.   My kids love hiding under a sheet under the table, this is even better!   Keep reading: 10 Reasons why your Kids NEED to Play in Forts

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