Kids have a lot of questions right now. Why can’t they see their friends? How is this virus different than the cold? Why is school out? Well, Sesame Street, once again, has our backs. They’ve organized a town hall with CNN, so that muppets and medical experts alike will be answering all sorts of questions related to our current crisis.  In the past month or so, Sesame Street has organized weekly snack chats with Cookie Monster and virtual play dates with Elmo. They’ve helped parents take a breath with their pep talk from Elmo’s dad. They’ve even made it possible for kids to call their favorite Sesame Street characters to get tips on social distancing. 
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A Unique Sesame Street & CNN Town Hall for Parents and Kids

Now Sesame Street is taking it a step further and partnering with CNN to tackle all sorts of issues currently affecting families. The event is called “The ABC’s of Covid 19: A CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall for Kids and Parents.” The 90-minute TV event features both experts and Sesame Street muppets alike, including Abby, Grover, Rosita, and Elmo. Together, they plan to talk about issues related to anxiety, screen time, and education. They’ll even talk about play dates too.  Big Bird is in charge of the show, along with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent. Erica Hill, CNN anchor, will moderate the event. It’s basically a news program for kids, but one designed to help parents too. My kids have asked me so many questions in the last month that I wasn’t sure how to answer. I’m hopeful that this special town hall will help. I know my kids are already excited to hear from their favorite Sesame Street characters too. 

How to Ask Sesame Street and CNN a Question

CNN and Sesame Street want to know what questions parents and kids have right now. That way the programming will be as beneficial as possible to families everywhere. To submit your question to the Town Hall head over to the CNN website here and fill out the form.–nfXVqosD/

Where and When to Watch this Special Town Hall

The CNN and Sesame Street Town Hall will air on Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 9 am Eastern. Families can tune in through any CNN channel, or through’s live stream on their website or app, even if they don’t have cable. It’ll be available on demand for cable/satellite subscribers.  Once again, thank you Sesame Street. This is one very special — and necessary — town hall. 
Courtesy of Sesame Street on Facebook


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