Sesame Street is one of those shows that everyone seems to love. I watched it as a kid, I introduced my now 21-year-old son to it as a kid and it’s still airing stronger than ever. Sesame Street is amazing about covering current topics and while still keeping kids entertained!

cookie monster show with cookie monster and cookies and a stove and snacks.
Learn to eat healthy with the Cookie Monster!

Cookie Monster

Who doesn’t love the Cookie Monster? The Cookie Monster is a loveable and silly character and has always been one of my favorites. I mean, how could you not love this sweet, fuzzy, cookie loving monster?

Exciting news though, Cookie Monster has is own show about snacks!

Cookie Monster Show

For a while, every Tuesday on YouTube and Facebook, your kids could watch the Cookie Monster show your kids why it’s important to eat healthy.

During the first episode of “Snack Chat”, Cookie Monster reminds kids that it’s important to remember to start a snack or meal with clean, recently washed hands. 

Video: Snack Chat Episode 1 With Cookie Monster 

The first episode teaches us that it is important to eat healthy and wash our hands before we eat.

In the second “Snack Chat” episode that was aired, Cookie Monster again reminds kids to start of their snack with clean hands and then shows them how to make a yummy, healthy strawberry smoothie.

Cookies aren’t the only sweet treat to enjoy! In fact, sometimes healthier options taste even better! All these snacks are delicious and the best part is, there are 8 episodes which means there are 8 different snacks you and your kids can try out together.

Cookie Monster Is Hosting Weekly Snack Chats And Here's How You Can Watch Them
Eating healthy with all our Sesame Street friends is fun!

Snack Chat with Cookie Monster is just one way that Sesame Street is helping kids learn about cleanliness and eating healthy.

You can also find free e-books and more through Sesame Street on Apple devices, Google Play, and more.

If you missed out on the weekly shows, fret not! You can still watch all 8 episodes on Youtube. Sesame Street even put it into a convenient playlist so your little one can binge all of Cookie Monster’s shows!

More Sesame Street Shows

While you’re over on the Sesame Street channel on Youtube, be sure to check out the other cute Sesame Street shows like Elmo’s Sing Along.

They some shows that are musical, made to help your child get up and move, promote pretend play, and they even have more Cookie Monster Shows!

Video: More Sesame Street Shorts Your Kids May Like

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The Cookie Monster is great and so is learning about cleanliness and healthy eating, but we have even more fun your kids will love.

Does your kids love the Cookie Monster? Have they had a chance to watch the Cookie Monster show? Let us know in the comments below.

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