Parents, you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed. Elmo’s Dad, Louie, is here to tell you that we are all doing just the best we can. In a recently released Sesame Street video, Louie gives parents the pep talk we all needed to hear.
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Elmo’s Dad Has a PSA for Parents

The video starts off with Elmo interrupting Louie to ask him to do a pillow fort. If that ain’t reality, I don’t know what is! Luckily Elmo’s dad is able to sneak a quick minute to continue his pep talk. Since all the Sesame Street characters are practicing social distancing right now too, Louie gets it. He may be a muppet, but he says all the things we need to hear right now, starting with: “You are doing an amazing job.” Let’s repeat that again until we believe it: “You are doing an amazing job.” Louie goes on to remind parents that, even though it’s hard, we need to take a moment for ourselves too. The muppet’s suggestions for self care include:
    • listening to a favorite song
    • doing a stretch (or two)
    • (last but not least) breathe!
He, too, takes a breath. And I don’t know about you, but even though this pep talk came from a muppet, I totally appreciated it. Thank you, Sesame Street…Mae & Louie are inspiring us to be better parents!
Sesame Street Elmo
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More Sesame Street Fun For Kids and Parents

Elmo once had a pep talk of his own related to Army kids.  Elmo’s pep talk can be found here.  I love the inspiration from our red, furry monster friend. Sesame Street has been on a roll lately with their videos and fun learning experiences. Kids can tune in for a virtual playdate with Elmo, read Sesame Street books online, and join in on weekly snack chats with Cookie Monster. Sesame Street also launched a website dedicated to helping parents out and establishing a new “normal” while we’re all stuck at home.  It makes me feel better to see Louie and Mae exhausted during this time. From games and books to activities that can be done online and off , is dedicated to providing as much support as possible to parents while we’re all stuck at home. One section even directly targets parents/caregivers and provides resources and tips for “caring for yourself and your family.” As Sesame Street has proven time and time again, our furry muppet friends are not here just to entertain kids. They also provide so many learning opportunities… including tips on managing emotions and building resilience. Thank you Elmo’s Dad and Sesame Street!


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