My kids miss our extended family. They miss spending time in person with them, and they miss their hugs. So when I proposed we get our paint and craft supplies out to “make a hug” to send to their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins they loved the idea.  This craft idea is a fabulous way of both keeping the kids busy and entertained, while also spreading some love to family and friends near and far while we’re all safe at homeHug craft

Craft Supplies Needed to Make a Hug

  • Pen or pencil
  • Paint: Washable tempera paint works best, as its fast drying, but watercolor can used too
  • Long sheet of paper 
  • Scissors
  • Envelope (unless you decide to send it virtually as we did)
Tracing activity
 He looks like he is getting a real hug!

How to Make a Hug 

Step 1: Roll out a piece of paper (or tape them together) and make sure it’s long enough for your kiddo’s wingspan.  Step 2: Trace each kid’s outline on their own piece of paper.  painting Step 3: Set up a paint station so they can paint their self portrait within their outline. Before they got started we talked about what colors they wanted to paint for their hair, eyes, and clothing.  Step 4: After the paint has dried, cut out each kiddo’s outline. painting with kids Step 5: Make a hug by folding the arms in.  And that folks is how you can “make a hug”! Hug poem Once the craft is done, pair the artwork with a handwritten or printed note sharing how much you love and miss the hug recipient. One idea for a poem comes from Rutherford County’s Facebook page:  I miss you when you’re far away. I’d love to see you every day. But since I can’t come over to play, I’m mailing you a hug today! So although it may be quite a sight, Wrap my arms around you tight! Repeat daily to keep your smile bright Until we get to reunite! Whether you decide to mail the hug, or text/email it, chances are, it’s something loved ones will treasure and appreciate.   For us, after we were done, my three-year-old wanted to keep his, because he liked it so much. So, chances are we’ll make another hug, because he had so much fun making this one. If you liked this, also check out these fun craft kits to keep kids busy!


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