One of the hardest things about being stuck at home with kids is trying to find fun ways to keep my kids busy. If you are feeling overwhelmed at being thrown into homeschooling, or your kids have gotten cabin fever, we are sharing 10 simple and easy ways to make being stuck at home fun. Screen free activities are a great place to start. I like to mix up our stuck at home school day with some technology time on education websites offering free subscriptions, along with outside walks for fresh air, and a fun craft or two away from screens.  social distancing activities kids 1 This list of educational and unique things to do during school closures is sure to keep your little ones from driving you crazy during their extended spring break and cancelled classes. Let’s make the best of this time where we can learn to homeschool and connect with our kids! Here’s How To Make Being Stuck at Home FUN for Kids! social distancing activities for kids

Kids Activities To Do During Social Distancing

Virtual Art Museum Tours

social distancing virtual tour art museum Museums are one of the last places you want to be in right now, but did you know you can visit some of the world’s most famous museums from your living room? Check out famous art museums from your couch here.

Virtual Hikes At National Parks 

kids activities ideas virtual tour national parks (1) Getting antsy yet? Need ideas to do at home with kids? Not being able to travel means now is the perfect time to go on a virtual tour.  Here are some virtual field trips you can take from your couch!  Kids want to ride a train?  Here are a bunch of virtual train rides you can take.

Sensory Bins for Toddlers

social distancing kids sensory bin lifeandlana Sensory Bins are a super cool way to take things you already have in your home and create something that’s perfect for social distancing with kids! Grab uncooked rice, beans, cereal, and even pasta for a sensory experience for your little ones. Throw in their favorite toys from the toy box and you’re all set! Check out this list of sensory bin ideas here.

Make Slime!

how to make slime recipe Have you made slime with your kids yet? It is so much fun! Kids love all things ooey and gooey. Don’t worry, not all of these recipes make a total mess…but many of them do! Here is an enormous list of fun slime recipes for kids. One of our favorites is definitely unicorn slime. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll want to keep making more. Hang onto this collection, because you’re going to want to come back!

Virtual P.E. Classes Are Perfect for Social Distancing

social distancing pe homeschool classes This list of videos and ideas to stay activities sure to keep your little ones from bouncing off the walls! Since you’re facing extended spring break and social distancing, we know your kids are starting to feel a little cooped up! Build A Fort! indoor-forts2 Indoor forts for kids can be temporary fun for an afternoon or built to last a little longer for hours and hours of fun. Transform your living room into a campground, or make a fun place to read a book that your kid can use for the days to come. 

Paint Rocks With Kids for Social Distancing

paint rocks path Kindness rocks are always a fun item to find when you’re out and about, and we adore these rock painting ideas for kids. After you are finished, go on a walk through your neighborhood and leave a few to brighten someone else’s day.

STEM Activities for Kids

social distancing stem marshmallow tower With s’mores season winding to a close you might be wondering what to do with all those jumbo marshmallows.  Might I suggest building a  marshmallow tower? Turn it into a game by challenging the kids to build the tallest or most creative marshmallow structure possible!  For another STEM project, make a catapult for kids that is simple to set up and full of learning opportunities.

Let Kids Make Play Dough!

lemonade play dough recipe Children of all ages will enjoy sinking their hands into vibrant sweet lemonade playdough. It’s soft, squishy, and smells like real lemonade!

No-Mess Kids Activities for Social Distancing

social distancing no mess kids activities Check out these non messy crafts to do at home! Getting messy is great. It’s so much fun to dig in the dirt and stick your fingers in paint. But sometimes we are in need of non messy arts and crafts. If you’re looking for that type of thing, we have some fun projects for you. None of these have any mess at all! social distancing activities for kids

Kids Activities To Do During Social Distancing

These awesome activities to do during social distancing prove that staying away from crowds is totally possible! 


We are working here at Kids Activities Blog to support you in this new adventure with your kids.   What are you doing to with your kids to keep them entertained while you’re stuck at home? Don’t miss our stuck at home survival guide for even more ideas. 

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