We are loving all the different ways we are seeing of how to make social distancing easier on your kids, including new ways to play with toys.

Courtesy of Land of Littles on Facebook

If your weather is nice enough to go outside, why not take your Magnatiles outdoors with you and play with them on the garage door? You can build all sorts of floating 3D sculptures, even castles!  These toys are a perennial favorite and bringing them outside offers so many more possibilities.

Even if you don’t already have Magnatiles, you could use alphabet magnets or other kitchen magnets for garage door creations. Design art and get fresh air in the process, and sneak in some spelling word practice too.  (Make your own Scrabble Tile magnets here!)

We can’t take credit for this idea as it was brilliantly posted online from Land of Littles on Facebook

Since going to new places is off the table right now, consider changing up the scenery within your own house and yard.

Why not paint or play with play dough on the patio? Throw down an old table cloth to make clean up easy.  (We have over 100 play dough recipes here!)

Take Legos out in the driveway and build creations in the sun. Bring out your Fisher Price Little People and create a village on your lawn. Read a book in your hammock or lawn chairs.

A change of scenery can be a great distraction for little ones and their parents, even if it’s with the same toys they have indoors. Just dress for the weather and watch out for the wind!


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