How Often Should Kids Shower? That is the hot topic among parents right now.

How often should kids shower?

Ever since news broke that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard bathe their kids only when they are dirty or smell, there has been a bit of a debate among parents.

While many parents agreed that bathing their kids only when dirty was a necessity, others believed every day was the only way to go.

So, how often should kids bathe? Are you bathing your kids too much? Or not enough?

Well, according to a Pediatrician Dr. Pierrette Mimi Poinsett, a baby doesn’t need to be bathed daily— three times a week will suffice.

In fact, over bathing your baby can cause their skin to be irritated and dry.

What about for older kids?

Per the Cleveland Health Clinic, toddlers and little kids only need a soak in the tub or shower two to three times per week.

Older kids ages 6 to 11 should hit the bath two to three times per week at a minimum.

Tweens and teens should shower daily and wash their face twice a day. They also should shower any time they are stinky, sweaty or dirty.

Of course, if your kids are fighting you to shower, it’s probably okay that they don’t for that day. But if your kids have been playing in the mud or is a teen that is in sports, they probably need to shower regardless if they did the day before or not.

This handy chart will help remind you how often your child should bathe. Feel free to save it and keep it handy!

Now that you know how often your kids should shower or bathe, you might be wondering When Should My Child Shower Alone? And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too!

Hopefully you can use these resources to help keep your kids clean and happy!

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