Do you have your New Year’s resolutions picked out yet? How many of us have vowed to get better at time management? My biggest time management hack is the She Did It All PlannerMy Biggest Time Management Hack: The She Did It All Planner

How Important is Time Management in Life?

This skill is key when it comes to productivity, being successful, and just plain avoiding going bonkers. Given that we only have 24 hours in a day to manage the household, raise children, tend to bills, work, connect with family and friends, exercise, eat well, hydrate, and possibly build a side hustle. Effective time management is a precious gift and necessary tool. Managing your time, and being organized in general, makes life easier, and reduces stress. My Biggest Time Management Hack is the She Did It All Planner

How to Succeed at Time Management

First, find a system that works for you! I have read books and tried different planners, but nothing seemed to fit. Then I found the She Did It All Planner! A planner that is organized, and guides me, yet is malleable enough that I can form it around my own time management strategy “OPS”: Organize, Prioritize, and Strategize

My Biggest Time Management Hack is the She Did It All Planner

Organize Your Time with the She Did it All Planner

Each block of this planner leads me to be organized, but I am basically left to my own devices when it comes to organizing my day. The “today’s schedule” box and “to-do list” box help me to break down appointments and high-priority tasks in a way that no other planner has been able to do. Usually, I would feel overwhelmed by a big blob of obligation, and things fell through the cracks. The layout of the She Did It All Planner not only supports my business tasks, but also my household and parenting responsibilities, allowing me to prioritize it all at once! 

My Biggest Time Management Hack is the She Did It All Planner

Making the Most of Time Management by Prioritizing Tasks

I live with multiple chronic illnesses, while single momming it, and running my own business. It’s crucial for my health, and the health of my business, to prioritize and delegate. By prioritizing, I can squeeze out every second of my work day in an effective manner! My favorite blocks in my She Did It All Planner are the “goal activities” block, and the “timer progress made” blocks, that each have corresponding heart, smile face, and star icons. The coolest part of this setup is that it doesn’t just have to be used for goals, it also tracks projects! Every day, I place my three highest priority tasks in this lineup. The star is my highest priority task, the heart is the next highest priority, and the smile face is the third on the list. It’s really helpful to use the timer section to measure how efficient I am being. I also use the “what I want to remember from today” field to track any tips I might have discovered, as far as getting the job done in a better way. Every Monday, I also use the blank box section of my planner to list out (ranked by priority) each task and project I have for the week. This gives me a giant overview so that I can plan ahead in case I have a hectic day, or a flareup, and allows me to create a buffer. My Biggest Time Management Hack is the She Did It All Planner

Once You Get a Handle on Time Management, You Are Free to Strategize! 

You can’t build a house without a solid foundation. A good handle on time management is your sturdy foundation when it comes to mapping out your day. Once you have that down, you are able to strategize and focus on your hopes and dreams for your business and family!  The She Did It All Planner tracks everything that I have set out to do and accomplished, or maybe didn’t quite finish. It’s an invaluable tool in revisiting what’s working and what isn’t working in my business and personal life–a running record of where I might need some more help, and where I need to either scale back or could step things up a notch. The end-of-month goal reflection section is the perfect time and place for this activity! At the end of each month, I grab myself some Starbucks, and then review it all before focusing on my goals and seeing what worked and what I can do better in the next month.  Time management is a skill that constantly evolves. There’s no one way to do it, and we are constantly learning and growing. The best thing about the She Did It All Planner is that it can grow with you!   

Learn more and purchase the She Did It All Planner here!

My Biggest Time Management Hack is the She Did It All Planner  

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What’s your best time management tip? Comment below! 

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