10 Reasons You Will Regret NOT Starting a Blog Today

I am so glad that I started a blog on a whim almost 10 years ago.  It was a decision I thought about for about 30 seconds.

Funny how such a quick decision can change the course of the future so dramatically!

My impulsive action is something I am incredibly thankful for today.

One of the questions I get all the time is, “should I start a blog?”



Yes!!!!! <–extra exclamation points intentional

I know this sounds a little melodramatic, but blogging has made my dreams come true.  It has allowed me to build a business from my living room that I can do while raising and {partially} homeschooling my children.

Blogging can do that for you too.  Your dreams may be different than mine, but whether you are trying to find your voice online, connect with other likeminded individuals or even make a business out of blogging, it can happen.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to start blogging ASAP!

1. Blogging can fulfill your dream and it’s EASY!

If you have a dream to write, to share, to publish, to help, to connect, to make money, to hone your skills or more, blogging is absolutely for you. You can start a blog and have it up and running in about 20 minutes.

There are free platforms you can use to test whether a blog is for you or if you choose a paid option like I did, it is surprisingly affordable.

2. Blogging gives you flexibility.

If you looked up a job that’s “flexible” in the dictionary, blogging would probably be it. I can’t think of many jobs or hobbies that you can do from anywhere, at any time. Blogging can be done inside or out, at your home or away, and posts can be scheduled to go live when you want them to! The flexibility that blogging allows is one of the biggest draws!

My family and I spent 3 weeks in Colorado this summer and my husband and I were able to work on this blog the entire trip without feeling like we weren’t on vacation.  Meanwhile, our kids were able to experience new things and our family time had a very scenic view!

3. Blogging WILL boost your creativity.

Even if you think you are not creative, jump into blogging and you’ll quickly figure out that you are. Whether is the strategic placement of a photo or the use of a fun font to make a statement, blogs just foster creativity in unexpected ways!

When I started a blog, I had no idea how I would come to depend on it for a creative outlet.  As a mom of three boys, it became easy to get lost in the daily details of motherhood and let my creative side take a very long nap.

It was the only thing sleeping back then!

Blogging woke that up and allowed me a way to express myself.  It completely changed my perspective.

4. Blogging teaches you discipline.

OK, I know that this doesn’t sound glamorous, but it has been one of the easiest lessons to learn in the least painful way!  Being consistent online takes discipline and keeping to a blogging schedule will hone your consistency skills if you are motivated to stick to your goals!

Working on something I love consistently over the years gives me a reason to wake up a few minutes before my family or stay up after their bedtime for a purpose.  This has crept into other parts of my life allowing me to be more efficient and tackle big projects without freaking out.

5. Blogging will make you a better writer.

There’s that saying that “Practice makes perfect”, and although I don’t think that’s always the case, blogging regularly WILL make you a better writer because you practice the craft continually.

It was never my dream to be a writer.  At least not BEFORE I became one!

My background is that I have a Masters degree in Physical Therapy.  That meant I was more likely to be found in the science lab than an English class.  When I started my blog, I didn’t have any writing experience.  Now I run several blogs where my writing appears and have two published books!

Pinch me!

6. Blogging can help you get published.

Speaking of two published books…

If you are a writer or expert wanting to get published, having a blog with a loyal following is practically a must these days. Publishers want to see that their authors can not only write, but that they already have loyal readers which translates into buyers.

My first book deal came to me because of this blog.  Page Street Publishing approached me because they had seen, read and liked Kids Activities Blog!

7. Blogging can help you magnify your existing business.

Whatever you are doing now to make money can be bolstered by a blog.  A blog will help you become a recognized authority, spread the word and connect you with customers/clients.

It is a scalable marketing plan for your business that can be implemented with very little budget!

I have been able to sell product, recruit team members, attract clients, establish my expertise and so much more just because of this blog.

8. Blogging will teach you computer & social media skills.

Even though you don’t have to know a single thing to get started, you’ll quickly learn about things like widgets, headers, footers, sidebars, hyperlinking, simple HTML code and more.  And then once you know that, the next natural lesson is how to get your word out through social media.

It might surprise you to know that I am a tech-moron.  When I started the blog, I didn’t even know how to get my own email.

Oh my!

I have learned a lot in the last 10 years — although it is super fun to watch both my tech savvy brother & husband cringe when people ask ME for advice!

9. Blogging allows you to tell a story.

Story telling is as old as time and is increasingly a dying art! Now, more than ever we need to document our stories for our family and friends, but also for the future.

I love that I wrote down those simple and fleeting moments when my kids were little.  They are stories I would have forgotten without this blog.  The pictures that accompanied those stories are what hang on my wall and fill the scrapbooks on my coffee table.

10. Blogging will connect you with YOUR people.

Blogging allows you to meet people outside your “circle”. Blogging will allow you to meet people you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet and form a “tribe” as we like to call it in the blogging world.. Share ideas, opinions and information with people you would have never interacted with before.

It’s amazing.

I am always surprised how when bloggers meet, they skip the small talk!  I think it is because we already know each other’s heart from reading.  I just returned from speaking at a blogging conference in Atlanta last weekend.  It was like leaving 75 of my dearest friends…

Are you ready to dream big and make it happen?

Let blogging be your medium?

Let’s get you started!

Let’s go and DREAM BIG!

PS – I want to invite you to a webinar we’re doing “The 9 Secrets You Need to Know When Starting Your DREAM Blog.” Laurie Turk and I have put our combined blogging experience of 18 years to bring you these 9 things we wish we had known.  I hope you can join us!

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  1. Thank you Holly. I’ve been going back and forth with this. I have so many ideas that get me excited, but get cold feet. I have a loooooong commute to a demanding job with the hours to match. Not because I want to work this way, but it made more financial sense for me to work and my husband to stay home with our daughter. I miss her and my husband dearly and want to make a change for our better.

    My goodness, you seem to have a personality similar to mine. I will do my best to join the webinar on time.

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