Why Do Moms Feel Like They Can’t Stay Organized?

Simple… because we are MOMS!   It’s hard to keep yourself, your kids, your family, your house, your car, your work, your menu, your grocery shopping…. all organized.  It’s not a “simple” task, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.   Moms Stay Organized

Five Systems (that work!) to Stay Organized

I believe there are a few KEY COMPONENTS to staying organized and keeping things running smoothly.  We are all going to have different levels of an organization, but with a little work, we can each have smoother systems.   Systems that may not work for everyone, but they work for us.  They work for our family.  That’s a success.

System One: Create landing zones.

I am all about creating landing zones in our house. A landing zone is a home for a specific item. When you create landing zones and follow through with using them, there is less clutter and less wondering where your keys are. We recently created a landing zone for our sons’ soccer items. It is a basket that sits by the garage door. The goal with landing zones is the put them in areas where it makes sense. Once you have the landing zone, start training your family to join you in using these. The key to making this work is that when you find an item OUT of the landing zone, don’t put it away yourself  Call that person to put it away.  Example:  Child A left his shoes out.  Child A puts his shoes back himself… even if you have to call him home from a friends house.  It will quickly teach him to do it right the first time.

System Two: Put it away right now.

Whenever things start to feel chaotic, I realize it is because I am not putting things away right away. Instead of taking the extra step to put the bills in the bill folder, I set them on the microwave, which then starts to pile up. Take the extra step in putting things back where they belong and you will see less clutter.

System Three: Do an evening clean up.

One thing that has helped us immensely is to do a quick clean up every evening. Bring a laundry basket with you and put the random items in the basket. Involve your family or if your kids are too young your husband. Once you do a quick clean up, look at what is in the basket and have everyone put the items where they belong.

System Four: Get rid of the excess.

Have a bin in the closet where you can place items you no longer need. When it is full, bring it to Goodwill. Extra items can build up fast causing clutter. Do you really need 5 wooden spoons? Do you need all of the shoes in your closet? When we start to eliminate the excess, we will have less to organize!

System Five: Make a general meal plan.

I know not everyone loves having a strict meal plan. However, if you can at least make a list of five to seven dinner ideas and have the ingredients on hand, you will feel so much more organized. Instead of stressing over what is for dinner, you can look at the meal ideas and choose one. My friend does 30 meals a month and then repeats them month after month.  It’s so simple!  She just buys the same things every month and no one minds because it’s been 30 days since they’ve had that meal.

What about you? What tips would you share to help others get organized?  

Try this System to Clear Your House of Unwanted Clutter & Get it Organized for good! 

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