Making The Most Out of Your Mornings

When we have kids our whole world is shaken up and we must adapt our lives to fit the needs of little ones. Part of ensuring that you are being the best parent you can be is making the most out of your mornings.

Starting my day out rushed and stressed sets the tone of my whole day. It changes my attitude towards my family and it makes a difference in my productivity levels.

Making the most out of your mornings

It isn’t fair to children to be in a bad mood in the mornings because we didn’t prepare for it properly, so here are some tips that can help with making the most out of your mornings.

Always clean the house before bed 

It never puts me in a good mood when I wake up to a messy kitchen or toys scattered all over the floor. Each night after dinner, have the family help clean up the house so that in the morning everything already looks presentable. It is one less thing to stress about in the morning.

Pick outfits the night before

This tips isn’t just for the kids. If you already know what you are going to wear in the morning, all that’s left is to put it on. Having your kids lay their clothes out for school every night will save a lot of morning time hassle as well.

Meal plan

Take the guesswork out of breakfast by planning out meals ahead of time. Meal plan your dinners so that in the morning you can take out the meat to thaw in advanced or throw everything in the slow cooker to make your evenings easier too.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for how we function the next day. You might be fine after a cup of coffee, but you have to actually get out of bed before you can get to it. It will help you wake up earlier, which will leave less chance of you being in a rush.

Making the most out of your morningsExercise 

Wake up extra early and go for a run! It will release all kinds of mood enhancing endorphins. Getting some exercise will not only give you a jump start to your day, it can also help you feel healthier and more confident which will improve your mood!

Eat a good breakfast

One of my biggest anger triggers is being hungry. As weird as that may sound, its true. I am not myself if I don’t have the proper fuel from nutritious food. Wake up early enough to have your cup of coffee and eat a good breakfast. It will make you feel so much better about your day!

Don’t have high expectations

With kids, mornings are always going to be difficult. There are ways to help reduce the chances of mornings being stressful, but there are always going to be “those days”. What’s important isn’t whether or not your morning goes perfect. It is how you let it impact the remainder of your day.

The book Mama Needs a Do-Over by Lisa Pennington is the perfect book to read if you have trouble with letting a bad moment ruin your whole day. She emphasizes the fact that even in the chaos we can still find joy!

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