Do you ever feel like you just need to make more time in your day? It can be hard to stay confident, as a mom, trying to figure out what to prioritize on your ever-changing To-Do list! Take a deep breath, mama! Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s discuss tips to help you stretch your day!   make more time in your day   As moms, we tend to put ourselves last. Nowhere is it more evident than when we’re organizing our families’ time. Everyone else gets color-coded, top priority, while we get a few blocks of time a week… If we’re lucky! Finding time to get everything done seems impossible. What if I told you that, you can actually do more by doing less when you organize your family’s time? Follow these tips for organizing and managing your family’s time, to help you all be more efficient and help you carve out more “me” time!  


How To Make More Time In Your Day



How to Make More Time In Your Day: Adding and Subtracting Time

Time management can be tricky – especially if all we do is add things to our schedule. We add things, and shuffle other things around to make room, but we rarely take things away. The constant addition can wear your family down. Instead, don’t add anything new to your schedule without taking something else away. Wait, what?! Can it be that simple? Yes- it really can. This concept applies to the whole family, too. That means that your kids can’t add an activity, without canceling another one. There’s only so much time in the day, and only so much of you to go around, so you have to set limits. To make this concept even more effective, try subtracting activities, first. Sit down together, and get real about what time you all have, and what your individual and family goals are. Then take a look at your schedules. Organizing your family’s time is all about give and take!  

How to Make More Time In Your Day: All Day, Every Day

If it feels like you’re constantly doing chores to keep your sink clean and your laundry done, it’s time to step back and think about how you’re managing your time. Do a deep decluttering and keep up with it daily, to stop trying to do the runaround every day. I think that when we look at what needs to be done and do it before we do “fun things”, like getting online, it really helps and makes our chores go by much quicker. Part of organizing your family’s time, is looking at things in terms of priorities. And that’s okay. You only have so much time in the day, so organizing your family’s time to pay attention to what matters, means giving up the idea of perfection. Your family would much rather have fun with you than have a clean sink! Use the same concepts to organize your work life, as well as your family’s. Set boundaries for answering phone calls, replying to emails, and, yes, even browsing Facebook. It’s okay to do those things, but set limits so that they don’t take over your life. The key to organizing your family’s time is to have a frank discussion about it. Boundaries have to be set and limits have to be enforced. Explain to your kids why they can’t do everything. Set limits on your own time. Once you get control of your family’s time, you’ll find that there’s a lot more time for you to get to the things that you want to do. Say goodbye to coming in last!  

How Do You Add Time To Your Day?


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