It’s an impressive time when anyone can pass their CPR test to be certified.

In fact, it’s celebratory.

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Let’s learn CPR!

But it’s really incredible when a 3-year-old can be taught and successfully perform CPR and yes, it totally happened.

This 3-Year-Old Girl Successfully Performs CPR To The Baby Shark Song and it’s everything we needed to see today…

3-Year-Old Girl Performs CPR Successfully

Meet the 3 Year Old CPR Expert

Meet Saige –  a 3-year-old daughter to Chris Pietroforte, a firefighter and EMT of 19 years, has been taught and successfully learned how to perform CPR.

But she didn’t learn the traditional way by remembering compresses to the song, “Stayin’ Alive”.

Baby Shark Song Enters the Education

Instead, she learned by completing chest compressions to the song, “Baby Shark”.

Chris Pietroforte — who shares videos of his daughter, Saige, as proof that anyone can learn the skill — said that most people know to use the beat of the song “Stayin’ Alive” while performing the chest compressions in CPR, but kids can take a different approach.

“A good way to teach kids is by letting them pick their own song,” he said. In fact, any song that is 100 to 120 beats per minute works, which he said includes the popular song, “Baby Shark.”

Video 3 Year Old Doing CPR to Baby Shark Song

Isn’t that pretty incredible?

If you’re ever in the area, Chris teaches CPR classes at Central Valley CPR (which he now owns) in Tulare, California. 

This 3-year-old reminds us that anything is possible including the ability to save lives.

Should you ever be in a situation where you need CPR, we hope someone like this little girl is well-trained and able to help out!

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Do your kids know CPR?

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