Need a fun Halloween costume idea for the entire family? Say no more…doo doo doo doo doo doo because Spirit is Selling Baby Shark Costumes for The Entire Family.  Yes, even Grandma and Grandpa Shark costumes are included! While I was at my local Spirit store last night, I came across these and I just had to share! The entire family of Baby Sharks was there including a trick-or-treat tote that you just have to have! I first found the baby shark costume which came in baby and toddler size: Then I found the Mommy Shark which is a hot pink hoodie for Moms. Adorable, right? Oh and of course, you can’t be without Daddy Shark which is a blue hoodie for dads! They also had the Blue and Pink Costume Set and the costume even plays music (as if you couldn’t get enough of that song!) While my store didn’t have these, they also have the Grandma and Grandpa Shark costumes online so the entire family can get in on this costume idea! Fun, right? You can check out all the Baby Shark Costumes Here.

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