Kids grow up fast, too fast.   My daughter is nearing the age that I was when I witnessed a man have a heart attack.   You never know when an emergency will strike.

I realized that I have not helped my daughter realize that life can be frail, that emergencies happen, and empower her.  I want to give her tools so that if no one else is around, she can help the person who is sick. This is one of the reasons why Kids Activities Blog is really excited to be working with Infant CPR to get the word out about how easy it is to educate yourself and your kids in CPR and basic emergency training. what to do in an emergency. InfantCPR provides an overview training of CPR and choking relief.  It can give you the essentials on how to respond in an emergency. Infant CPR logo

Emergencies Happen

I was 10, maybe, proud to not be in a booster seat, but not old enough to sit in the front seat yet.   We were driving in the snow when the car in front of us just veered off the road, idling. My mom (and I followed) rushed to the car when we realized that the driver was not going to correct his vehicle.   Somehow my mom got the man onto the ground and while I watched helplessly she attempted to do CPR.   We didn’t have a cell phone, but if we did, I bet I still would have just stood there – and done nothing. Thankfully, a passerby went to find a phone and in time an ambulance arrived, but it was too late.   I can’t help but wonder, if we had a phone and if I was able to call, maybe that man would have had another decade of Christmases with his family. Teach your kids how to respond in a medical emergency So this is personal. This is real. We don’t know if it will happen to us, to our friends or to a passerby, but we have the chance to be prepared. With the help of Infant CPR, my oldest two kids and I were able to take a CPR course, together at home! Practice CPR on a balloon I need to clarify, I in no way expect my elementary-aged daughter or son to be able to do CPR – but I do think that they are better equipped to identify what is a real emergency. They are more comfortable with knowing when to and how to get help. Knowledge is power.  I think, with this knowledge, they will be less scared if they were to witness an emergency now that they have had exposure to the basics. CPR printable phone1

Preparing Kids for an  Emergency

Click the photo above – it is a link to a coloring page phone.   Kids can color it and mount it on a piece of cardboard to make their own “phone”. We’ve used this tool with our kids to practice how to use a phone in case of an emergency.  They  learn how to dial 9-1-1 into the phone when the need arises.   Every kid should practice this once they are able. Once kids know how to dial 911, it is a good idea to have a little drill every once in awhile.  Hand them the fake phone and tell them there is an emergency and they need to call for help when they aren’t expecting it.

Preparing Adults for an Emergency

Many parents don’t have basic CPR knowledge which is a really scary thought.  Even those who have taken a CPR class, may have done so many years ago and forgotten much of what they learned.  CPR should be part of your family checklist!  That is one reason why we adore the idea behind Infant CPR! Instead of having to schedule a class that will take several hours of your time outside of the home, you can learn techniques online that can help save a life.  If you need a certification from the AHA or Red Cross, then you will need to take it in your community, but if you are doing it to increase your ability to handle a home emergency, then Infant CPR is perfect for you! These classes make great gifts for baby showers.  They are also an excellent idea for people who are taking care of your children like babysitters, nannies or grandparents.  They even offer group discounts if you want to sign up your church or mom group.

Online CPR Training Coupon Code

We are really excited that Infant CPR has created an exclusive coupon code just for Kids Activities Blog readers!  It will save you $10 of the purchase of a class until June 15, 2014. Discount Code: texasholly Thank you Infant CPR for helping educate and prepare myself and my kids and sponsoring Kids Activities Blog.

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