Attach this Duct Tape Luggage Tag with Child Safety Card to the inside of your child’s backpack for peace of mind when tragedy strikes. Duct Tape Luggage Tag It’s something no parent wants to think about: What if I get separated from my child during a natural disaster or emergency? They could be at school or in daycare when a crisis hits — how would you be able to find them? When Hurricane Katrina struck 10 years ago, this was reality for many parents. There were 5,000 reports of missing children after the accident, even with 48 hours to prepare. Save the Children is working to help keep that from happening again. Their grassroots efforts help raise awareness among parents to create a plan of action for disasters. We love the In Case of Emergency Contact Card that they offer online, and used it to create a Duct Tape Luggage Tag to attach to the inside of our kids’ backpacks!

Duct Tape Luggage Tag

Here’s what you need to make this Duct Tape Luggage Tag: Print out your ICE card onto card stock. Cut out the cards and fold along the edge. Duct Tape Luggage Tag Use the packing tape to cover the front and back of the card. Outline the edges of the Emergency Contact Card in duct tape. Turn it over and do the same to the back, sticking the tape sticky-side together. Duct Tape Luggage Tag Cut the duct tape into the shape of a luggage tag, and use the hole punch to add a hole in the top. Attach to the inside of your child’s backpack with string. Duct Tape Luggage TagDuct Tape Luggage Tag Now your child has the important info they need in case something were to happen. It’s always better to be prepared, right? We put these cards inside our emergency go bag for kids to ensure that they always have identification on them in the event of an emergency. What steps have you taken to prepare your family?  

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