If you have a child that love Baby Shark but also loves Baby Dolls, you are going to love this gift idea! You Can Get A Baby Shark Baby Alive Doll That Goes In The Water! Seriously, my daughter needs this!
“Baby shark, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo! ” dress your baby shark doll in her adorable removable shark tail and hood, then have fun playing with her in and out of water! Kids can’t resist the baby shark song and dance by pinkfong, and they will love making a splash with their baby shark doll by Baby Alive!
The doll comes dressed in a Pink baby shark costume (which is actually an Amazon exclusive).   It is waterproof so your kiddos can even bathe with it but if your child just wants to play with the baby, the hood and tail are detachable.    You can get this adorable doll to give as a gift and it’s only $24.99 which is not a bad price for such a fun toy. You can get your Baby Shark Baby Alive Doll Here.  

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  1. Why is there only a pink baby shark doll? Where are the yellow and blue baby sharks dolls? This offends me because boys like baby shark too and would like the blue and yellow shark!!!!

    1. Hi, Krystal! If you click on the links in the post, you will see that they do also have yellow and blue available. They are all adorable!