I’m Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

I have little kids. They keep me so busy, and you know what?! My house is a big fat stinkin’ disaster area, and you know what? I’m not sorry my house is a mess

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

I’m Not Sorry My House Is A Mess

Oh, and when you come over, I refuse to apologize for it. 

Sometimes I don’t do my dishes.

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

Instead, I play a game of hide and seek. 

I am not sorry my house is a mess.

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

Sometimes, I don’t do my laundry and it sits in the living room floor. 

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

Sometimes we read a book instead.

I am not sorry my house is a mess.

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

Sometimes I don’t mow my lawn. 

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

Sometimes we go swimming instead. 

I am not sorry my house is a mess. 

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

Sometimes I don’t cook dinner. 

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

Sometimes we eat popcorn outside under the stars instead. 

I am not sorry my house is a mess.

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess.

There is only one thing I would ever be sorry for, and that would be putting chores and work ahead of life experiences with my kids. I am not sorry that I put my kids first, or that we skip out on boring, mundane work to lead an extraordinary life. 

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

I am not sorry. And you shouldn’t be either. 

Put down your phone and go play with your kids.

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

You won’t be sorry.

I'm Not Sorry My House Is a Mess

Fun Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home 

What would you rather do than clean? Comment below!




  1. Shame on you says:

    Really? Putting your kids first when they have to live in a. Dirty home? I don’t know whether those photos are real, but teaching your kids how to be responsible and growing them into adults who clean up after themselves and pitch in is good parenting. Shame on you. A little clutter? Understandable. Uncleanliness? Most certainly not.

  2. I don’t believe children have to be entertained, as a parent your only responsibility is to raise respectable responsible adults. Spend time with your children, play games read books but it should not consume your entire day.

  3. She maybe has one or two jobs and when she gets home she prioritize her kids.
    So proud of her choice.

  4. I’m glad the previous 2 posters were not my parents or myself as a parent. It’s oksy to leave dishes in the sink, I promise they will still be there when you get back. Go have some fun and enjoy your life.
    Also I think the photos used are obviously stock photos and are just to prove a point. You should want your children to grow up with important memories of parents who spent time with them, pushed them on a swing, taught them how to drive a car, came to their school activities, etc. Nobody in the history of the world has ever praised their distant parent who didn’t think they were important enough to spend their time on but kept a spotlessly clean house… I pity you and your clean homes full of neglected children.

  5. Moti Tasker says:

    I pity my kids having to grow up with responsibilities and hygiene awareness meeting kids of folks like you that they’ll constantly have to clean up after and babysit because Mommy couldn’t be responsible enough to say, “Right now we’re going to clean up our messes.” Not every single memory needs to be everything except taking responsibility and pride. I have wonderful memories, and some were learning new tricks to clean different things I still use today.

  6. If I could turn back time…..

    3 kids in under three years with no support other then the very minimal from my partner when he got home… all my time was spend on making memories, prioritizing the kids, making sure they didn’t ‘miss out’… now particularly for the youngest two, I wish I had done less outings which they don’t remember anyway, less craft and messy play, and instead role modeled cleaning and taught them to clean more instead of staying up late to do what I could before falling asleep – i now have children that I have to battle with to do the slightest chore… dreading the teenage years – it currently takes weeks to get them to pick up their clothes and carry them 5 steps to the laundry, an hour to take out the rubbish or recycling, or compost, and room cleaning.. forget it! 🙁

  7. Stephanie says:

    Clean enough to be healthy, yet messy enough to be happy!

  8. What a load of utter crap. You teach your kids to clean up after themselves before any activities take place. I manage to wash dishes as I use them whilst making dinner. I wash the plates and cutlery straight afterwards. That is teaching my kids to clean up after themselves.
    If my kids come to tour house they will.clean up after themselves and not make a mess. Your kids will come to my house and leave it a right state. Thanks a lot.
    Jesus people, it’s not hard to keep it tidy. You’re just bringing up people who thinks it’s ok to leave a mess

  9. Shit happens we have to rush out of the house often after dinner and dishes don’t get done immediately. I grew up oldest of 4 dishes were always done dinner on the table dad that worked overtime and a mom that busted her ass no our house wasn’t always clean but she had 4 happy kids…there is not always enough time. I’m a mother, a nursing student, a wife with a husband that works overtime and not home until after the kids are asleep, one thing my grandmother and mom told me from day one because I was OCD about cleaning is that the mess will be there tomorrow this day with the kids won’t always be there. After I finally accepted that my kids and I were much happier!! Shame on you guys for mom shaming those who don’t keep a tiddy home, just because there is stuff all over doesn’t mean that it’s filthy and never cleaned

  10. Hi ,
    I think your AWESOME!!!
    She never said she doesn’t clean or that she won’t give her children chores when it’s age appropriate!!! She just said she puts them first!! You can teach your children how to do dishes and chores and clean when it’s necessary and still do all the things she said it’s just simple the dishes will always be there your baby’s will only be little for a little while put stuff on hold and go enjoy them!!
    teach them they’re more important than anything else in your world especially dishes and chores really you value those things over experiences and memories with your kids!!! That’s sad and pathetic!!!

  11. Everything in life should be balance keeping your kids in school to have a good education for their future, keeping your home tidy and cozy and healthy is another form of love and responsibility you give to your kids and family that is also showing and serve to your kids as a good role model so they grow and apply to themselves to their kids someday when they have their own this is also a form of showing love and responsibility to show them good manners and grow in a right path of healthy living… take them to church every weekend is another form of showing love and responsibility to show as good role model overall it is a form of spending time with them a quality time that is not just about playing and movies but it is just like making a perfect meal, you out everything into your family to have a healthy happy and loving family. Cleaning and having fun can also be a form of spending quality time with them while I clean I have my son helps me fold our blanket tote and we have so much fun kids gets very curious and eager to help and they can have fun with you. But leaving a mess in your home to me shows irresponsible for your kids as they grow to see that in their home and thinking it is acceptable remember they grow and mold in a reflection of you as a parents and what is happening inside your home.

  12. definitely understand the point she’s trying to make here, and hopefully she’s using not-so-usual illustrations to emphasize it. But I think there is a fine line between putting things off for a bit/letting them go occasionally in order to spend quality time, and living like a slob just so you can be present and available 24/7. It’s one of the jobs as parents to teach our kids how to pick up after themselves, be good stewards of what they’ve been given, etc. and that starts with the example that is set. I think some people take both views to extremes sometimes.

  13. Beverly Ryan says:

    I just don’t understand parents like this. I had a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old when my third child was born. Back then (in the 60’s) the mom pretty much did all the parenting while the dad worked. I did everything with my kids and never once did my home look anything like the pics in this article. You are doing your children an injustice by not teaching them to clean up after themselves, and pitch in and help around the house. Filth is not an excuse for being a mom. It’s just an excuse for being lazy and not caring!

  14. My house isn’t perfect, but it’s not dirty, I always do dishes daily, laundry etc. But some stuff is on floor or counters, but nothing crazy. My kids keep their room cleaned.

  15. Teaching children to clean is making a memory. You need a balance. As a teacher I’ve seen both kinds of families, and believe me, the happiest children are from parents who have taught them the responsibility of cleaning and organizing.

  16. I never liked house work. When my boys were young it was a daily pick up. Dishes did get done, not always on time, dinner did get cooked. Motherhood and house keeping are exhausting at times. Thank god we are young when raising kids. But I agree, you can balance both, not perfectly and maybe with a cleaning lady to help would take off some of the stress, face it, it’s 2020…..spend time with your kids and clear the cobwebs when you are having company or mother in law?

  17. Jennifer Hudman says:

    I think the point of this post is grace for not being impeccably clean. In our pinterest perfect, filtered photos, facebook documented world sometimes our kids can feel pressured by the ‘show’ everyone puts on. No, being disgusting is not good for your kids, but neither is pretending to be absolutely perfect. I’m a masters student, working full time, mom of two under 3 yo. I get it.

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