Bruno Mars is one of my favorite singers today. His mix of funk with rock and just a little bit of soul makes my feet want to move and my heart sing. He’s also one of the funniest guys in music and while he takes his profession seriously he doesn’t seem to hold himself as higher than anyone else. I love that. While it seems like he burst onto the scene a few years ago, turns out he’s been rocking for most of his life. Back in 1992, Bruno Mars held the distinction as the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator. And boy, howdy, was he one adorable Elvis! Take a look! I never knew this about him. I also never knew that his parents owned an Elvis shop in Hawaii and that music is in his blood. Watching little Bruno Mars play with his family and just be a little kid is like watching a home video for someone I never thought I’d get to know personally. It’s intimate. And sweet. And definitely changes everything I thought I knew about one of my favorite stars.

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