I sometimes wonder what performers were like when they were little. I’m guessing a lot like this little girl. While her class was supposed to perform a low-key version of a Moana song, this little one felt every bit of the passion and spirit of the song, and completely stole the show. Sophia and the rest of her preschool class were supposed to sing a ‘sweet and mellow’ version of “How Far Will I Go” from Moana, but according to her mom Michelle, Sophia couldn’t help but give the performance of a lifetime. Standing in front, with the back of her class almost acting as backup singers, Sophia not only belts out the song, but performs with the kind of confidence usually reserved for more seasoned performers. Take a look!

I don’t know where Sophia’s performing next, but I hope they sell tickets because I want to be in the front row. Seriously, if this little one doesn’t go on to become a world renowned performer, I’d be incredibly shocked.

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