We’ve always had cats and dogs. By we I mean my family growing up and now my husband and kids. I know some people are dog people and some people are cat people, but I’ve always been a both people. I just love them both, and for different reasons! My dogs are clowns who just want love and affection, while my cats make me work for it. Sometimes I want to cuddle up next to a sweet kitty and listen to those purrs, and sometimes I want to run in the park and throw a ball and have it brought back to me by a wagging pooch. This cat, though…this cat didn’t get the memo that cats and dogs are different. In fact, I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a dog. Take a look! The ball is one thing, I mean, my cats will bat things around the house all the time. Plus, there have been enough times of them bringing bugs and other small ‘creatures’ to me to know that if I wanted to I could teach them to fetch…but pant? I’ve never seen a cat pant before. And I’m cracking up. You be you, catdog. You be you.

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