Little Girl Get Surprise Disney Princess Adoption Hearing!

I’m sure we’ve all imagined being princess for a day, but for one lucky little girl, her wish came true. When five-year-old Danielle Ross showed up for her adoption hearing, she was greeted by the happiest place on earth. Or, at least, by its royalty. Danielle loves Disney and her caseworker decided the best way to top off this little girl’s special day would be to gather every single princess she could find together to act as witnesses on this incredible day. To Danielle’s compete surprise, shortly after the proceedings began, in walked Snow White, Belle, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Even the judge was in on it. This might be the most adorable adoption ever with a fairy tale ending. Take a look!

We don’t all get to be princess for a day, but it makes me happy know that Danielle got her dream come true, and that she’s now looking forward to a very happy ever after. Congratulations to Danielle and her entire family…keep dreaming big, princess…sometimes dreams really do come true!

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