Mini Ice Cream Cone Frogs

Mini Ice Cream Cone Frogs

Make a frozen treat even more fun by turning ordinary ice cream cones into Mini Ice Cream Cone Frogs. These simple animal themed edible crafts will bring smiles to all those who make and eat them. All you need to get started is some green ice cream. You can use store bought mint chocolate chip, pistachio, lime […]

20 Amazing S’mores Recipes

s'mores recipes

S’mores are the ultimate campfire dessert but these amazing s’mores recipes take the addicting treat to a whole new level!  The next time you have a craving for delicious s’mores try one of these outrageously good recipes.  Kid’s Activities Blog did the hard part of scouring Pinterest to create the ultimate s’mores recipe round-up, now all you have to do […]

Super Simple Smiley Face Cookies

Smiley Face Cookies

Kids of all ages can help create these Super Simple Smiley Face Cookies. This edible cookie craft is so easy yet so cute.  Who can resist smiling when a cookie is smiling back at you? Older kids might like the challenge of making homemade Smiley Face Chocolate Chip Cookies, but these little yellow treats are […]

Rainbow Cupcakes

rainbow cupcakes

My daughter just turned four! Her birthday request was for rainbow cupcakes. I was imagining rainbow icing till she explained she wanted the entire cupcake to be a rainbow. How on earth would I make that? Then I remembered the blog post I read from Shannon, at Milk and Cuddles, there was hope! We could make […]

Ice Cream Pops

Ice cream popsicle recipe for kids

We like Birthday parties, we like ice cream parties… and we love to create!!  Time to play with our food – we are making Layered Ice Cream Pops. What I love about these is they are portion-controlled.  Your kids will enjoy all the fun of ice cream, enjoying each bite slowly, without eating bowlfuls! . […]

DIY Frushi

DIY Fruit sushi, frushi.

Sushi is one of my favorite treats.  The kids have enjoyed a slice or two, but none of them ask for seconds.  It’s always been “Mommy’s”. Then we discovered fruit sushi!  It is sushi, only the filler ingredients are fruit. It’s a Fun Healthy Snack!! The kiddos went biserko!  They loved creating their rolls and […]

A Dozen Homemade Christmas Treats

12 Tasty Christmas Treats

One of the things I love the most about the holidays are all the sweets! Christmas has always meant a full cookie jar and something that we were going to create together – as a family. Here are just some of the ideas and recipes which have inspired us from around the web.  We hope […]

Fudge, Fudge, Fudge!! {Yummy}

fudge 650

Just the word fudge makes me hyperventilate: fudge, fudge, fudge! We love chocolate at Kids Activities Blog and fudge is the chocolate of all chocolates! Fudge Fudge Fudge My family loves sweets during the holidays.(Actually we love them all year around! ) There are certain sweets that we made only once a year during the […]

{Kid-Made} Chocolate Factory

chocolate factory

It’s a kid chocolate factory day!  This morning we had a kid-made fudgy batch of fudge.  There isn’t a recipe more loved at Kids Activities Blog than one that involves chocolate so let’s bring it on! I’ve heard it said that some people don’t have a sweet tooth, but they’re certainly not members of my […]

4th of July Dessert Trifle

fourth of July Dessert Trifle

Holidays bring out the best in us with good times involving food, family, and fun!  Notice, I listed FOOD first?  That’s because whenever we have a big family get-together, the first thing we discuss is menus! I creating Fourth of July desserts! With the 4th of July approaching, this festive dessert is always at the top […]

Chessmen Banana Pudding

chessmen banana pudding

When my son was born, one of my good friends brought me a meal.  The dinner was delicious but what stood out most for me was the big pan of delicious banana pudding complete with those cute little Chessmen cookies decorating the top. Of course, I had to get the recipe. Since then I have […]

Let’s Make a Fruit Mural

fruit mural crust

Drawing and painting pictures is something that is ongoing at my house.  There is art on every table in various stages of genius. I thought it would be fun to harness that creativity with a new medium. Fruit! We created cookie sheet size edible works of art.  They were as delicious as they were fun […]

Camp Fire Food: Fruit & Smore Cones

Campfire food smores Cones

One of my favorite things about camping is the food. Food cooked on a fire tastes so much better than the “everyday” food we make at home! A couple of weekends ago we went on a camping trip as a family – it was wonderful! Other than my kids catching their first fish (I think […]

Cake Batter Chocolate Bark Recipe

So it’s no surprise to you if you’re reading this- that I like to write blogs. But did you also know that I just LOVE reading other peoples blogs as well? And one of my favorite things to find on someones blog is a good recipe! The other day I stumbled on a recipe for […]

Amy’s Grandma Chunkie’s Chocolate Pie

Fun With Foil

My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is homemade pies. YUM! My all time favorite is my Great-Grandma Chunkie’s Chocolate Pie. Grandma Chunkie (real name Lilly Maybell) was a little spitfire. She had purplish pink (sometimes blue!) hair and always made you laugh. She also made THE best pies! Usually for our Thanksgiving dinners, we would […]

Berry Chantilly Cake with Grand Marnier

Want a yummy cake? Keep reading… What about a cake that features the secret kick of Grand Marnier?!? Berry Chantilly Cake with Grand Marnier Ingredients 1 White cake round, 9 inch, baked from mix (Use egg whites in the mix to keep cake white) 10-12 Whole fresh raspberries 1 cup Fresh strawberries, stemmed, halved 1 […]

Leftover Halloween Candy Recipe: Snickers Blondies…Yum!


  Is that bowl of Halloween candy staring at you today?  Did your kids bring home more candy than they could possibly eat?  Get creative & try this recipe…you’ll use up some of those tasty Snickers candy bars!  Bringing kids into the kitchen creates the perfect time to bond & learn together.  Younger children can […]

Freezer Banana Pops: Homemade Summer Popsicle

Frozen banana pops

One of the things that says “summer” more than anything else are popscicles.  This is by far my kids favorite way to consume a banana – stuck on a stick, smothered with chocolate, and covered with sprinkles. . Freezer Banana Pops are also a great way to rescue those bananas that are nearing the end […]

Strawberry Shortcake Sliders

Here is another great recipe that Holly brought back from CA Strawberry Tour Dallas blogger event.  We are thrilled to share these with you. I must say I jotted down the ingredient list and will definitely be making these soon. They are simply mouth watering. Sliders are showing in menus everywhere, but these strawberry shortcake sliders […]

Quirky Kids Snacks: It’s Playtime Link-up

Quirky Kids Food

My quirky kids like to play with their food… and it’s Wacky Wednesday at our house in honor of one of our favorite books by, Theo LeSieg. Here are several silly and “wacky” snack ideas that were recently linked up to It’s Playtime! I hope they inspire you and your children to have fun playing […]

Kale and Berry Smoothie: Genius Way to Get your Kids to Eat Veggies

playing with veggies

With three preschooler, an infant and a hubby who thinks “green” has a flavor, I have had to resort to a few tricks to make sure my kids are getting enough green leafy vegetables. My Genius Tip, for the Kenmore Challenge, is to get picky kids to eat veggies.  Guys, they beg for these!  We […]

50% off Tasti D-Lite’s Frozen Treats in Southlake

Our latest DEAL is really sweet! Pay only $5 for $10 worth of frozen sweet yumminess at Tasti D-Lite in Southlake! Tasti D-Lite’s brand new Southlake store is open for business and today’s delightfully tasty DEAL allows you to check out what the hype is about for 50% off! Featuring frozen treats, teas, coffees, shakes […]

Sumo Cookies

One of my very favorite things in the whole world is to find something new.  So, a year or two ago, I looked across the parking lot while waiting for my husband to pick me up from the Hobby Lobby lobby and saw a sign for Sumo Cookies.  I grabbed my phone and Googled it. […]

Twizzler Candy Bracelet

twizzler candy bracelets

It’s cold, rainy lazy day and this edible bracelet activity is great to keep the kids engaged and entertained indoors. Don’t have any twizzlers? You can make bracelets with fruit loops. We’ve even made bracelets out of jelly beans – if it’s edible and sweet it will keep the kiddos engaged. . All you need […]

Cute Turkey Cookies

Baking with my kids is a fun tradition we have started. I found these adorable Thanksgiving Cookies and thought I would share them with you. I modified the ingredients a little; my kids didn’t seem to mind that I forgot the malt balls. They gobbled them up! What you need: 7 Candy Corn 2 Double Stuffed […]

Rainbow Cookies – Fun Painting our Food

eating rainbow cookies

Eating cookies is yummy and painting is fun – last week we combined two of our favorite things with two of our favorite people!   I like simple easy recipes!  We adapted this recipe from the back of a Duncan Hines Cake box (one we found when making our rainbow cupcakes a few weeks ago).   These […]

Drip-Free Jello Popsicles Recipe


Do you have independent children?  So far, I have three of them!  This Popsicle recipe is perfect for them.  It was simple enough that with minimal supervision/intervention my four year old was able to give the directions (she loved that) to my three year old who mixed these yummy treats up!  We made a couple […]

Romantic Desserts: Chocolate, Cheesecake and Bubbly! Another Fantastic Friday.

Homemade Soda-pop

Today’s Fantastic Friday shout-outs all have one splendid theme, “dessert”. I have a massive sweet tooth and am seriously itching to try making my very own thin mint cookies (why does Valentines Day mean Girl Scout Cookies in my mind?), these melt-in-your mouth mini-cheesecake cookies, homemade cream soda-pop, and fudgy molten chocolate cake. I am […]

Rainbow Icing: The Easiest Way to Decorate Cupcakes


These rainbow cupcakes are a huge hit with preschoolers and kids of all ages!  They look fancy, but are super easy to re-create.  Try it yourself with these easy steps: … What you’ll need: Gel Food Dye Toothpick Decorating Icing Bag (or a freezer ziplock baggie) Wilton Tip adapter (optional) If you are going to […]

Muffin Tin Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – the Easy Way!


These are so yummy and easy to make! I love, LOVE, chocolate covered espresso beans – but the few times I’ve made them in the past I’ve just made a massive mess.  Lets just say my lumps of beans were not very appetizing.  Thanks to Mandy from The Trenches of Motherhood, I found a really […]