Memorial Day Craft for Kids: Fireworks Marble Painting

Memorial day marks the beginning of summer!

Guess what? It’s right around the corner! Enjoy celebrating this holiday with this awesome Memorial Day craft for kids!

marble painting

Memorial Day Activity for kids: Fireworks Marble Painting.

Fireworks definitely make me nervous when kids are around and for the most part, my kids have a love and hate relationship with them.  But, for this craft I only heard squeals of excitement as they rolled the marble around the pan to create their very own fireworks!

I loved that this craft was so easy to put together and my boys had a blast.  Their favorite part was watching the marbles roll in the paint. (And if I’m being honest, mine too.)

Fireworks Marble Painting


  • Marbles
  • washable paint
  • paper
  • baking pan


1. Place your white paper inside the baking pan.

2. I used red and blue paint for a fireworks effect but you can use whatever colors you want.  Place a small amount of paint in the pan. Just a tiny squirt.  I made the mistake of putting too much the first time and had to redo it as it just looked like one big glob of red and blue paint on the paper.

3. Roll the marbles around in the pan.

4. Let it dry and start all over again with your next print!

My kids are 10, 7 and 3 and none of them got paint all over them, but I gave them clear instructions not to touch the marbles.

You can also have the kids blow the marbles around for an added twist to this activity!

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